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  1. zstanny

    Dark Horse Handling Package April 2024 Purgatory

    Duuuude. So sweet. Congrats! I loved the white ever since I saw that one they had up in NY for some press event. MSRP in Houston is almost unbelievable.
  2. zstanny

    Dark Horse Handling Package April 2024 Purgatory

    Did you pickup that white one in your profile pic?!?!?
  3. zstanny

    Lots of unsold dark horse on ground

    On the flip side of things...I'm 85% going to checkout/drive a terminator saturday
  4. zstanny

    Lots of unsold dark horse on ground

    Seconded. Go give it a whirl and report back. We like to live vicariously
  5. zstanny

    Lots of unsold dark horse on ground

    The fact of the matter is that if you take the DH, the new GT, and a Mach 1 to the track, the DH will smoke both of them and that's why I'm buying one. ^^To the above...you put equivalent tires on the DH HP and the M1 HP, the M1 HP is at a minimum, fractions of a second behind the DH HP in most...
  6. zstanny

    Lots of unsold dark horse on ground

    No....it's the legendary charizard
  7. zstanny

    Lots of unsold dark horse on ground

    You need to look around more. 440 is the outlier....the majority have been low 400s.
  8. zstanny

    2024 Mustang TypeWriter Tick Question

    That may be. But I, and many others here, would rather not risk that for a tick. I also know many, many people have used it with no issue, and to your point, have had warranty work approved while using it.
  9. zstanny

    2024 Mustang TypeWriter Tick Question

    What you are now at risk for is the following scenario: -You have an infantile powertrain issue and it is NOT caused by the additive (bearing failure from say a defective bearing) -Ford drains your oil, its completely obvious you've put that product in -Ford now tries to use that as the claim...
  10. zstanny

    Wow I am BACK and truly BLOWN AWAY how nice the new GT is!!!!!

    Interesting. Several people have mentioned the wheel hop was fixed on the S650? Are you experiencing it?
  11. zstanny

    Dark Horse HP Alignment Settings

    Not sure why you're asking, but to echo Skye, in that owners supplement should also be street and track alignment settings. With the tires on the handling pack, if you're towards the street alignment spec, be ready for a 3-5K mile tire. It's not a bad idea at your first oil change (the early...
  12. zstanny

    Ford denied warranty for HPDE events over on S550 forums

    OK. While that was a cute read, it didn't state anything specific about the warranty. You know how it goes, they're essentially politicians.
  13. zstanny

    Does anyone have an H-pipe yet?

    There was little to no difference in the S550 steeda v MRT v roush X/H pipes. From what i've seen it looks like the S650 has the same midpipe as the S550. My MRT went on with the exhaust in place no issue. If you are concerned about the AE, disconnect the battery before you disconnect the AE...
  14. zstanny

    Ford denied warranty for HPDE events over on S550 forums

    Ford needs to do better...meanwhile at GM: "You may have heard or read that the warranty on Chevy’s Camaro and Corvette covers track driving. This is true. Spokesman Chris Bonelli confirmed that Chevy’s warranty will cover the C7 and C8 Corvettes and certain high-performance Camaro models for...
  15. zstanny

    Wow! $20K markup on DH

    Kinda shocked that a CA dealer is only marking that up 3.5K That mark-up on a DH with handling pack is actually not bad at all considering those who ordered won't see that spec until spring now. Edit: Kinda confused now. The description calls the standard tires...but that chin splitter and...
  16. zstanny

    To the Road Course (Buttonwillow track) with the 2024 Mustang GT - Overheating and Clutch Issues Aplenty!

    There's a massive difference between being able to beat on a car for a day's session versus not being able to complete a 2 minute lap without power being cut. That's unacceptable.
  17. zstanny

    Revan Evan dynos Dark Horse HP + removes Carbon Traps

    We've sure had some bad math on here lately
  18. zstanny

    Insane 0-60

    Really man? Angsty teenage response there. The guy is giving you real world examples of sub 3s 0-60 cars lol.
  19. zstanny

    2025 Color options

    Yes. Would look killer. I think an AG would look sweet on the dark horse too. I'm bias like you.... My 350 was AG :inlove: