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Search results

  1. Amazon Prime Deals

    😂 I did say accessories... Mod, mod, mod!
  2. Amazon Prime Deals

    Anybody find good Amazon deals for the new stang? Seems accessories are currently limited... Mustang Search?
  3. First mod for your S650 will be... ?

    Keep em coming...
  4. First mod for your S650 will be... ?

    Who's already thinking of their first mod? I'm likely starting small... 😆 https://amzn.to/3WjMQPt
  5. New dark horse vs used 2020 gt500

    Well looking at your signature, I see your bias.. 😆 They're both great. And you're right about the 500. 🤤
  6. New dark horse vs used 2020 gt500

    To each their own... But I also like the angular Viper versus the first generation and last generation.
  7. S650 Mustang Sedan Renderings

    This would be great if it actually happened... They'd tap into the family man, or woman, who likes to go fast and would appreciate everyone fitting in the damn thing comfortably. Dodge does it. Come on Ford!
  8. New dark horse vs used 2020 gt500

    Love the GT500... The styling is so much better than the GT350. Not a fan of the droopy headlights. Prefer the angular look.
  9. Dark Horse Key Fob

    Yeah, it might look like their current fobs. Cheaper by the dozen... 🤷‍♂️ If it is like their current fobs, lots of protection out there for them already. I use this one... https://amzn.to/3HDHCcQ