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Search results

  1. Door Handle Click

    Does anybody’s DH have a nonstop clicking sound on the drivers door handle? It click every second and you can hear it up close key or no key, still does it. I assume it’s just always doing that searching for the key nearby?
  2. Air diffuser

    After I got home from getting my DH, I noticed 2 black air diffusers that were in a bag in the trunk. Should these have been installed at the dealer?
  3. Battery Tender

    I will use my dark horse in spurts, but when i dont use it, i want to put it on a battery tender. I read that these batteries are AGM high performance. I have a battery tender from Batter Tender (brand) the 12V 800mA one. It has 2 settings, lead acid and the Lithium Ion. I know i would need...
  4. DH Handling Package

    Hey All! Ordered DH with HP. I plan on bring it to the track maybe like once a year, but otherwise i will daily drive about 1 week per month. I love the way the handling package looks, but is it something I can have while “daily” driving it? Is it worth it? (Still unscheduled, Ordered 3/28)
  5. Tindol Ford DH Scheudling

    Anybody that ordered a DH from Tindol Ford in North Carolina get a build date yet? They have 15 allocations and I am number 4 and still dont have a build date. Just curious if anybody has. AP, HP Blue Ember.