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  1. jimgt2k24

    Anyone else have OTA updates lagging behind?

    What about future updates? Will they automatically happen?
  2. jimgt2k24

    X or H Pipe opinions

    Anyone try a double H pipe? Sound difference?
  3. jimgt2k24

    Ford Aerodynamics

    What is the S650 Coefficient of Drag?
  4. jimgt2k24

    Missing fender insert/plug on passenger side door fender gap

    S650 fenders are not aluminum. The hood is.
  5. jimgt2k24

    60th Anniversary OTA Update (6.3.2) Released - Classic Gauge Digital Cluster Theme

    I agee. An option to show the digital speed number would be nice. It is quicker to see than comparing a 'needle' to a small speed number.
  6. jimgt2k24

    Upcoming Ford Performance carbon fiber parts for S650

    Clear red coat on carbon hood.
  7. jimgt2k24

    You might want to check your air intake / snorkel.

    I think the DH windshield washer tank is in the same spot as a GT.
  8. jimgt2k24

    Dark Horse on fire and burns down (from stuck clutch)

    From another forum: From The Owner: "The clutch got stuck down after shifting into 5th. I got it back up with my foot but it pushed right back. The car stayed in gear though. Pulled over and couldn’t force to neutral, so it conked out. Got under pedals to try to see what was up. Daughter...
  9. jimgt2k24

    60th Anniversary Edition?

  10. jimgt2k24

    Any OTA updates yet?

    What 'system' was updated to 6.x.x? Is Sync4 now Sync 6.x.x?
  11. jimgt2k24

    GT Did Not Start, Threw Every Code At Me

    Has anyone tried to use a portable battery jump starter (ie. NOCO Boost Plus GB40) to start the car when this situation happens?
  12. jimgt2k24

    GT is here!

    Nice combo! Looks familiar.
  13. jimgt2k24

    Battery Tender

    Find a better stealership.