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  1. roket's Dark Horse - "Azureus" Project

    Because some countries drive on the left side of the road, the headlight are designed with a different lighting pattern than those used in the US. Long story but we shipped a BMW motorcycle to New Zealand and that was one of the changes the new owner had to make before he could take it on the road.
  2. Factory Orders Odometer Reading

    They filled the tank but the station is right next to the dealer. It probably wouldn't account for more than a mile. They offload in front of the dealer and the dealer prep combined with fuel shouldn't total more than two miles. That leave about 4 miles unaccounted for.
  3. Rust belt / rust proofing

    If you're working on stuff like that, you should always keep a can or two of Kroil Penetrating Oil around. We have old stuff that has years of abuse and the truck drivers we provide parking for occasionally can't get something apart. It's the best thing I know of when dealing with rusty parts.
  4. Rust belt / rust proofing

    Keep in mind my cars have been in Arizona or southern California so I can't say I tested what I am saying. My 96 came from the factory with a substance like tar or plastic coating almost the entire underside of the car. The exception is the suspension and drive train parts. After over a quarter...
  5. Battery Tender

    Look up the manual for your tender and see if it's designed for AGM batteries. Ones designed for batteries before AGM might age the battery by applying an excessive charge. I suspect your's will handle AGM as it's new enough to know about lithium batteries. They didn't start using them until...
  6. Owers manual

    Once I am sure they are done revising the manual, I will probably print a copy or two. Between by Epson ink spitter and Mac, I can print two pages per side and print on both sides. That should cut it down to 138 sheets of paper which while still bulky, it's not as bad. For now I use the copy on...
  7. 2024 - Dark Horse - Wanting to trade my Recaros for the Original Blue Seats

    Ask and you might receive. I found the thread I was talking about.
  8. 2024 - Dark Horse - Wanting to trade my Recaros for the Original Blue Seats

    Another member didn't like Recaros and was able to swap them with a neighbor. The computer needed some tweaks to get the climate control stuff working and he didn't have the memory buttons on the door. If you're willing to live with a few restrictions, the wiring is there and it's a surprisingly...
  9. Getting crack out of grille

    For a repair, I would go with a good two part epoxy and if needed, a touch up paint.
  10. Wheel Question

    My car came with 19x9.5R/10R rims and 255F/275R/40R19 tires. I can't say if there is a difference in the wheels or axles on the dark horse and the other issue is the PP uses even bigger tires. I don't know just how big you can go but even with the standard tires I have, things are close.
  11. Wiper blades for 2024 Mustang GT (Amazon link?)

    I have been using Ford replacement blades for a long time. In the southwest you rarely use the wipers and I tend to clean glass with a spray bottle and cloth. By the time you need them, they can be dried out. The factory ones seem to resist drying better than the after market ones so I don't...
  12. What's the consensus, leave top stowed or up for days?

    I have never had a convertible but here in Arizona the dirt is like talcum powder. Leave the top down or the windows open and you have a cleaning job ahead of you. I would go with if it's a nice day, down while using the car and otherwise, up. Even indoors here a find layer of dust is expected...
  13. How much of the GT/DH power is actually usable by the everyday driver?

    The Econo Boost is sufficient at 300 HP to get you down the road and deal with daily driving or road trips. Face it, the V8 is just more fun and makes you want to get behind the wheel. On dry clean surfaces, the car will do a good job of staying glued to the road so it comes down to the driving...
  14. Catch Can or delete PCV

    A Positive Crankcase Ventilation valve isn't a catch can. It is intended to pull exhaust gasses out of the crank case. A catch can is intended to remove oil that might be in those gasses.
  15. Tapping noise coming from somewhere in the GT engine bay - normal?

    Hydraulic lifters are self adjusting but not necessarily silent. Properly adjusted the lifters should be just a little loose to avoid burning valves. They shouldn't make a loud clicking noise. The lifters have to bleed off a little oil in each cycle just so they can readjust. If they didn't do...
  16. Clutch Pedal Extender?

    I confess, I shamelessly ripped the line off about 40 years ago and have used when ever the question comes up. I think it was originally a line from Susan Anton and she probably was wearing heels at the time as her height is currently listed at 5'11". I can do that flat footed and heels really...
  17. Guage details in center cluster

    The manual transmission doesn't have a sensor. You can measure just about anything else including the rear end and the temperature of an automatic but there isn't one in the manual. The only reason I can think of is because the manual may not generate enough heat to be an issue. It might be a...
  18. Clutch Pedal Extender?

    May or may not help. Page 129 in the manual indicates your chest needs to be 10 inches or more away from the wheel. You might need to recline the seat a bit to accomplish this but the manual indicates not more than 30 degrees from the upright position. I know for some people that isn't...
  19. Clutch Pedal Extender?

    This may be a dumb question but the steering wheel moves forward and backwards when unlocked. Have you tried pushing it all the way forward? It's a safety issue as well because if you too close to an airbag when it goes off, it can cause serious injuries. I am on the other end of the scale at...
  20. I got to drive a S650 for the first time recently.. I'm underwhelmed

    In my case, it would be over 53 years. I guess the government is good for one thing, turning out high quality printing. One thing about anti counterfeit measures, you can't blame it on anybody else.