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  1. Jivor

    Ford Teases "New Addition to the Mustang Stable" Coming in 2025

    I would imagine an AWD system would require significant modification of the existing 6G and 7G chassis; doesn't seem a likely scenario.
  2. Jivor

    Ford Teases "New Addition to the Mustang Stable" Coming in 2025

    I know the tarp makes the car look different, but as has been noted above, it's S650 variant with a large spoiler, and possibly flared wheel arches.
  3. Jivor

    Most overpriced options...

    I don't want to know the factory costs of AE (ignorance is bliss), as I'm sure all those options are mostly profit; no surprise there. I would say that given my reluctance to modify my car, the AE is an acceptable price, same with the nite pony given the costs of paint or wrap. I would agree...
  4. Jivor

    S650 Mustang -Keep hands on steering wheel message

    Yup, lane keep assist; it can be disabled on left side of steering wheel. It's a pain, just give the wheel a wiggle and it goes away. I've had it so that the "system" got so displeased with me that the car did a quick emergency brake, but now that I know what the program wants I just do the...
  5. Jivor

    S650 owners, how many miles already?

    4600 since mid October
  6. Jivor

    S650 Mustang GT versus C7 Corvette Accelertion

    Physics favors the Vette; lighter weight, larger rear tires, better rear bias. 0-60 reviews show the C7 Stingray in the 3.9 second range versus the 4.3 of the S650 Mustang.
  7. Jivor

    Dark Horse vs Nismo Z vs Supra - Everyday Driver

    There are four major elements that distinguish the Z versus the Mustang, 1: American heritage, 2: sound (for the GT), 3: back seats (even though they are tiny), 4: trunk space. The later two apply to daily driving, especially when 3 or 4 passengers are required.
  8. Jivor

    Car and Driver Lightning Lap 2024 - Dark Horse Mustang Results

    More safety equipment, more electronic modules, more frame reinforcements, you name it; the cars get heavier, and until composite superstructures become cheaper to build, every new model tips the scale further over. Mass market cars are not going to significantly supersede their predecessors in...
  9. Jivor

    Price Increase

    The problem I had when I ordered mine, was that, being a new series car with generally favorable options (quad exhaust, nite pony, vapor blue, A8 transmission, GT premium), the dealer I bought from was more than happy to let me walk, as I had my own financing set up and turned down the extended...
  10. Jivor

    European Pricing & Configurator Released for 2024 Mustang

    How does the EU regulate aftermarket upgrades to power? It's possible there may be a tune kit available in a few years, but the US is obviously more permissive in emissions.
  11. Jivor

    Am I being unreasonable with my dealership over a cover issue?

    Don't dealerships make most of their money from servicing? Why be so thickheaded over a $600 item and make it right, they'll more than make up for it later? I've groused about my experience, not the same as yours, but it left such a bad taste in my mouth that I'll never go back.
  12. Jivor

    Lego Speed Champion Dark Horse arrives March 1st, 2024

    Not a Mustang, but in the Ford family.
  13. Jivor

    European Pricing & Configurator Released for 2024 Mustang

    So the German configurator of the GT goes for around 65k euros (x 1.08 for USD), Greece around 85k euros, and Portugal around 125k; ouch. Buy in Germany I guess. Am I missing something here?
  14. Jivor

    European Pricing & Configurator Released for 2024 Mustang

    I will never own a black car. Living in Florida we have rain, bugs, and quarterly dustings of yellow pollen. I'm far too lazy to detail my car more than twice a year. I find a dark grey works wonders as an alternative.
  15. Jivor

    Anyone taken delivery or seen in real life GT in Vapor Blue?

    I'd call it a smoky blue. There is metallic flake, but it's not overdone, even in bright sunlight. As others have noted, is appears less blue and more grey in low light, but so do most things. It's a beautiful color, but as suggested above, there is no way to know if it's what you expect...
  16. Jivor

    Challenger or S650

    To say that a Challenger handles as well as the newer Mustangs (6th and 7th gen) is hard to comprehend. As I stated in a previous post, the platform is ancient and while it was not terrible, the LX platform was ungainly compared to my '24 Mustang. Crosswinds and standing water are not nearly...
  17. Jivor

    Did I just get ripped off?

    Essential Ford dealership in Stuart FL charged me $399 for "ceramic coating"; I tried to get them to remove it (and $199 for an ETCH) from the purchase price, but they refused. It was an ordered car, so as far as they were concerned, since I had my own financing and had already negotiated off...
  18. Jivor

    Exhaust Pop

    Mmm. Not horse friendly for sure. I guess it's normal mode for you. But kudos for the consideration, given a bucking horse is no fun for the rider or passing vehicles.
  19. Jivor

    Exhaust Pop

    It pops, it bangs, it slaps as the 'yoots say... It's a very animated sounding engine, which is why I got the 5.0.
  20. Jivor

    Front inner wheel well issues

    Maybe a duct tape plug with a flange to allow one to pry it back out for maintenance.