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  1. Decio

    Do you have a C.L.U.E. about LexisNexis?

    We’ve had several threads here about insurance costs, so I want to share what I’ve recently learned about a tool used by some companies in insurance industry to help determine your quotes (auto, home, etc.) and what a consumer can do to save money. Insurance companies can hire companies like...
  2. Decio

    Storage Time

    Well, 6 weeks and 1,000 miles later, I find the days getting shorter and cooler. I bought the convertible for top-down cruising, and driving with the top up just isn't as fun for me. Now that I'm getting hit with leaves as I drive, it's time to store her today. Here's my storage protocol...
  3. Decio

    Strut Tower Bar Plate

    I was a little disappointed to open the hood on my GT PP and see three pre-drilled holes on the strut brace bar. I know it's not a DH, but they couldn't slap something on there? I'm taking a chance on ebay and hopefully this will work out. I'll update the post either way when it comes in...
  4. Decio

    69° Cold Enough for Heat?

    I don't know about the rest of the country, but around SE New England a 70° day and sunny is a nice day outside. Summers can run a little short around here, so I take in all of the top-down crusin' I can get. I use remote start often just to get the RPMs to settle down before I take off. I...
  5. Decio

    Convertible Boot Side Plastic Cover Panels

    So I just found out the plastic bag in the trunk wasn't the gap filler for the convertible. It's actually underbody strakes designed to "help clear the air under the car for less drag and more downforce" according to the internet. These were supposed to be installed under part 3 of the PDI...
  6. Decio

    Decio's 5.0 Convertible!

    Finally took delivery this afternoon after another 3 hour wait in the dealer's showroom after being told it would be ready by 2:00. Lots of registration headaches trying to reactivate my custom vanity plate I took off my Chevy in March. I have a generic MA plate on there now and left without...
  7. Decio

    Dealer Invoice + A, D, X & Z-Plans

    Signed all the paperwork on my car, money changed hands - just waiting on the Registry (DMV everywhere else)! For those on the fence about joining Mustang Club of America to get X-Plan pricing, I hope the attachment is all the evidence you need. It was nice to buy a new car and not have to...
  8. Decio

    Car Covers

    Still waiting to take delivery, but a website I've bought 3 covers from is having a sale Labor Day weekend on car covers. I've purchased the Gold Shield 5L cover and I've been happy with it (except for pollen - pollen always penetrates the cover - maybe the cover breathes?). If you ever...
  9. Decio

    For After Your Mustang Delivery: Guided Virtual Tour

    This might be worth checking out after delivery: Guided Virtual Tour When I ordered a new generation CTS back in 2007, the salesman who showed me the new features didn't actually know much. I ended up discovering all kinds of things throughout the years I had it. This might be worthwhile to...
  10. Decio

    Tracker Not Working? Try This:

    So I've been in the camp of people who had a VIN but the ford.com tracking website just didn't work. It would just hang after entering my order number and VIN (and endless robot checks). My tracker finally worked on my phone and that's how I found my blend date, sticker, etcetera. I tried...
  11. Decio

    Convertible Production Scheduled!

    I've been following the posts here regularly and have a pretty good idea that it will be a long wait for a convertible. That's why I was STUNNED to see my priority #19 order for a GT convertible with PP, active exhaust, and MagneRide has a build date of July 24! I know this is an estimate, but...
  12. Decio

    Why Lie?

    Just received an email from Ford. I was thrilled, I thought it was a production date. It was a lie blaming the supply chain for delays. I replied and asked why the lie when the FR plant is closed to address QC issues and got a reply.....this mailbox is not accepting replies! I'd rather wait...
  13. Decio

    Automatic Transmission Issues?

    I have a GT premium convertible on order with PP, active exhaust, MagneRide, and automatic transmission. Does anyone know if the transmission in the article referenced below is going in the '24 models? The order is still "unscheduled-clean" so I can probably change it. I'm surrounded by hills...
  14. Decio

    Convertible order?

    Has anyone ordered the convertible? Tried and failed at 10 am EST 3-27-23.