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  1. IPOGT

    Should There Be a Trim Level Between GT and DH?

    Missed this one….DW=Dear Wife.:like:
  2. IPOGT

    Quality is not job One at Flatrock

    Don’t delude yourself. The op has good coworkers and some not so good coworkers. That’s pretty much reality in every workplace. Glad you like your vehicles.
  3. IPOGT

    Mustang B&O compared to Explorer B&O?

    That was a really stupid move on their behalf for sure.
  4. IPOGT

    Mustang B&O compared to Explorer B&O?

    B&O is not considered to be high end audio. Historically, their focus has been on their Scandinavian design, with sound quality being secondary, so not sure what the big deal is anyway. If it were, say MacIntosh, JBL, Mark Levinson, B&W or Krell I might think you’d be less disappointed.
  5. IPOGT

    I got to drive a S650 for the first time recently.. I'm underwhelmed

    I still wonder why there is a single Mach 1 S550 available. The lucky ones knew.
  6. IPOGT

    GT Ride Quality Variations

    You want something cheaper.
  7. IPOGT

    Does Engine Break-In Affect Horsepower?

    Every time you start your car you’re wearing it out.
  8. IPOGT

    Paint issues - dealership response

    I suspect the warranty reimbursement isn’t near the rate the insurance companies will pay. If that were the case, the boss at a a busy dealer body shop might not necessarily be thrilled at taking a lower labor rate to repair a car that they didn’t sell in the first place. To top it off, then may...
  9. IPOGT

    Buyer's remorse

    I’m 100% sure of that. I get a kick outta seeing y’all get your cars.
  10. IPOGT

    Buyer's remorse

    /QUOTE] The unwritten law of Manuals vs. Automatics- When you have one, you always want the other until you don’t. Yeah, It’s just like that. You found out the biggest secret though….when the rest of the car is SO good we make excuses and are just…… happy. Until you aren’t.:giggle: Then you...
  11. IPOGT

    Who wears it best..... the color I mean

    My neighbor has one. I see them all the time here. Too much Transformer look for me. I would expect more 7G fans to be more willing to like that style though, since it’s edgier.
  12. IPOGT

    Who wears it best..... the color I mean

    It would not be so polarizing if the quarter panel to the rear wasn’t so stretched out and weird looking. Both 550 and 650 look so much more balanced.
  13. IPOGT

    found new seats. now need help wiring.

    Neat story, great help and a great outcome.
  14. IPOGT

    Family Squabble

    All these automotive designers all are younger now. They all go to the same schools, with the same teachers, same associations, clubs, forums and colleagues. It‘s not surprising cars look similar now.
  15. IPOGT

    Family Squabble

    It’s the polarization of the comments on display that make this SO entertaining. BTW, my plain old Magnetic 2016 GT PP setup was as nice to me as my Mach 1.
  16. IPOGT

    RIP: Norm Peterson

    Posting this so people can search Norm’s profile for all the great posts he contributed to. Lot’s of great info from him.
  17. IPOGT

    Family Squabble

    You shouldn’t care that I (or anyone else)doesn‘t like the S650. It’s not mine it’s yours. You like it and that‘s all that counts. Stop worrying about what other people think. If everyone thought like me, ya all couldn‘t find a Mach 1 fast enough. Enjoy your car. They’re beautiful in their own way.
  18. IPOGT

    Collision repairs

    The most interesting part is that anyone can be Frank, but Frank can only be himself. :crackup:
  19. IPOGT

    Collision repairs

    Please stop bickering. It’s ruining my entertainment flow. Thank you.
  20. IPOGT

    Collision repairs

    I thought you were Dave. Who’s Frank and why are you impersonating him?