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  1. Fender guards for Dark Horse with HP.

    Does anyone know the mm size needed for the bolt to take of the rear fender guards on the DH handling pack? I need to get out all the rocks stuck between the fender and the pane in that area. So far none of the mm sizes that I have tried fit the bolt there.
  2. How to do launch control in A10?

    I am curious as to how I can do launch control in a A10 DH. I have 870 miles and I do not have an option for launch control in track apps. I just curious on if I am missing something.
  3. Recommendations for fornt splitter protection

    Do anyone have any advice on what I could buy to go under my front splitter to help protect it? Lol the Handling Package is great just know that I'm going to mess up underneath the splitter 😅. So any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. In Production progression

    Does anyone know how long the car stays in the body shop and what the next steps are after it leaves that part? I remember seeing a post about this earlier this year but I am unable to find that post unfortunately.
  5. 2024 gt handling vs s550 gt and mach 1

    For those who have driven both or all 3. Would you say that the 2024 gt handles better than the s550? Also wouwould you say that a fully spec gt is really close in handling to a Mach 1? I'm curious to know what people's thoughts are. It seems that the 2024 handles really well.
  6. Finally DH scheduled!

    I just decided to check ford chat for my usual disappointment and heartbreak. Had my clown face on and was prepared for the usual response. To my shock I instead got a build date 10/16 and also received a VIN today also. I never received any emails from ford and my dealer hasn't contacted me...
  7. DH movement with constraints.

    A week ago or so, i saw where the HP for the DH was one of the constraints listed. This past weekend I saw where some people with the HP were scheduled. Even one of my coworkers received their production date. Has anyone else heard of any movement in regards to the DH?
  8. Realistic goal on S650 after delay emails from Ford.

    This is my first time ever dealing with Ford ordering a car. However I have seen people talk about how long they have waited for the Bronco and Mach 1. With some people waiting years. Now I see where ford have sent out emails about delays and have closed the plant. Now with that being said...
  9. Experience with Granger Ford

    What has everone heard about experiences with Granger Ford? Do they get inventory quicker than other dealerships? The dealer I originally placed my dark horse order with is a small very low volume dealer and wouldn't know when ford would get to my build because they rarely got gt500's and said...
  10. Dark Horse orders for the US -- anyone receive build date yet?

    Has anyone in the States received a build date for their DH? I know people in Canada have but I an not seeing many people say anything about the United States for this trim level.