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  1. Interstellar

    CD player-Underdash or Portable

    What if I told you for $10 a month you can get access to unlimited songs at the push of a button?
  2. Interstellar

    Ford Performance 2024 Mustang GT Track Lowering Springs Installed Photos & Review

    The S550 Track Springs did come with new dampers/struts as one whole piece. I will certainly be waiting for the full set because there's no way the stock dampers match these springs
  3. Interstellar

    Can you believe my crappy luck?!?! (but damn good dealership!)

    If it’s unrepairable, I.e nail in the sidewall, the cost of 1 tire is less than the certificates. If your tread is low and need two new tires, it’s even better :)
  4. Interstellar

    Can you believe my crappy luck?!?! (but damn good dealership!)

    Highly recommend everyone stops by Discount Tire ASAP and gets there tire damage certificates. You don’t have to have purchased your tires through them. I did that right after I picked mine up, and when I got a nail in the tire a couple weeks ago they fixed it no questions asked.
  5. Interstellar

    'Mustang Unleashed' Track Driving Experience Registration Now Active (It's FREE)

    I’ll be there in Oct 18-19. Had to pick the track experience it seems by far the best choice
  6. Interstellar

    Jask pad options

    Roadpilot had a bad day today
  7. Interstellar

    Jask pad options

    10/10 recommend a cheap hockey puck. No need to pay for jacking pucks which are the same thing :)
  8. Interstellar

    DH - USB Front facing port on mirror

    Yes it is enough power for a dash cam. It is not enough power from some Radars. I use it with a dash cam and yes cable management is super easy. It also times out after about 30 minutes.
  9. Interstellar

    Back Fire

    non-issue. Let her rip. There will be pops in the exhaust when the pipes aren’t warm yet which may be what you’re hearing
  10. Interstellar

    Recurring Infotainment and Connected Services Issues in S650 Mustang

    Ironically I’ve only heard people talk about updates breaking things, not fixing squat lmao. I’ll take the updates, but only after everyone else is the guinea pig
  11. Interstellar

    Ford Teases "New Addition to the Mustang Stable" Coming in 2025

    Not an EV, not a Hybrid, hoping it's a Shelby or a Cobra. I would go in major debt for a cobra
  12. Interstellar

    Recurring Infotainment and Connected Services Issues in S650 Mustang

    Really just sounds like a bug. What software version are you on? I would reach out to @Ford Motor Company on here and/or submit some feedback via the voice button added in the recent software update. I've been saying, turn OFF automatic updates for everyone until we know there are no issues...
  13. Interstellar

    Cruise control issue

    Turn off intelligent cruise control. It is picking up signs incorrectly and setting your speed. Otherwise, the KPH is a great suggestion or you're somehow pressing the + button to adjust the speed.
  14. Interstellar

    Automatic Shift Knobs

    Looks stupid; is stupid. Leave as is
  15. Interstellar

    Any differences between 2024.00 (job1) and 2024.50 (job2) Mustangs?

    Please post a video of your tail lights when the hazards are on and what trim/config you have
  16. Interstellar

    Any differences between 2024.00 (job1) and 2024.50 (job2) Mustangs?

    Non-PP cars with Brembo upgrade always get flat kit instead of spare tire
  17. Interstellar

    Do you have a C.L.U.E. about LexisNexis?

    People worried about Alexa’s in your house but fail to realize we’ve already been tracked for decades
  18. Interstellar

    A Couple Cruise Control Questions

    You have to shift gears if you want it to accelerate faster, there's no changing that. If you shift gears though you're gonna disable cruise and will have to just accelerate yourself. Do yourself a favor and get the auto, it's incredible.
  19. Interstellar

    Ford Performance 2024 Mustang Oil Separator Kit - Now Available

    What's the dif between this and a catch can. They do the same it seems
  20. Interstellar

    Gas mileage for manual

    Love seeing this pop up on forums. My car's MSRP was $60k and I've put 93 in it less than 5 times. Drives fine, goes fast as hell, and saves money. Why you may ask? The owner's manual and gas cap literally say 87 octane. No reason to waste money on 93 when most of my driving is commuting. And...