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  1. goodlettjr

    U-Haul Mustang

    Picked this up off of a local Houston car spotter FB page. Said it was in Porter, TX. Enjoy.
  2. goodlettjr

    S650 cupholder ambient light - DIY install

    Nice problem solving and write up.
  3. goodlettjr

    Rental Pics - Post ‘Em Up

    Had to leave my ride at the airport, so I picked up a rental eco vert in Phoenix this week. Went up to Dobbins Lookout. 📸. Included a great twisty both up and back down.
  4. goodlettjr

    Noise from driver seat fan.

    I have the same whine on the drivers seat. I’ll take it in one day.
  5. goodlettjr

    Hallo Ford / S650 2.0 or S750

    Don’t click the big link. It takes you to the secret “Hallo Mustang” website.
  6. goodlettjr

    First oil change...what a pain in the ass 😆

    Let’s call it $2.00 a quart. They aren’t using Motorcraft on first fill. Multiply that by 10,000 cars. $20K. Not worth the labor on 10 warrantable engine repairs averaging 2K of labor and parts each. Manufacturing yes, but major $ loss compared to the $ gain.
  7. goodlettjr

    HOW TO: Radar Detector Hard Wire Install with BlendMount

    I tried to work in a different order and it didn’t want to come out. I like @Interstellar muscled it out. It will make all the noises of something breaking and then it doesn’t and unsnaps fairly abruptly. It also takes quite a bit of stressful pulling….that is the feeling I remember.
  8. goodlettjr

    Ordering a New Mustang? Head to Costco

    Dealerships follow a calculation model called absorption rate. It is a calculation that the service and parts departments can completely pay for all dealership expenses including the salaries of the sales people (but not their commissions). This implies that if a dealership didn’t sell one...
  9. goodlettjr

    Need opinions about side stripes please

    Black only. I can’t even read the mustang with the white pinstripe if I didn’t already know what it was. Very busy and the white overpowers the whole graphic. If you replaced the entire graphic with just white, that would look good as well.
  10. goodlettjr

    Trial "stuff" that comes with Mustang?

    The car has a cellular modem in it. Independent of a cell phone. That cellular modem can be turned off in settings. If it is on, it will transmit the location of the car, allow you to lock, unlock, and remote start from the app. I don't know if it will download an OTA update via cellular...
  11. goodlettjr

    Minimal Bass - B&O Sound System

    This setting works great. Thanks for sharing,.
  12. goodlettjr

    CarPlay & Bluetooth Issues

    You didn’t mention anything about having Wi-Fi on or going into the settings and turning CarPlay off and back on in the phone.
  13. goodlettjr

    2024 GT With Co-Pilot360 Assist - Craig's Custom Mustang License Plate Bracket?

    I've had a Craig's Custom Mustang Bracket mounted since early Nov. No issues at all. Highway and city driving.
  14. goodlettjr

    Wheel/ Tire sizing s650

    Aren’t those wheels in the pic 20”?
  15. goodlettjr

    HOW TO: Radar Detector Hard Wire Install with BlendMount

    @Interstellar Just knocked this project out this afternoon. Thanks for the write up. Made it probably an hour quicker. Got my V1 G2 mounted.
  16. goodlettjr

    Oil Pressure

    I am seeing the same thing. 14 psi at idle after complete warm up and a little spirited driving. Was curious what others are seeing,
  17. goodlettjr

    Anyone have a better solution for front license plate - no drilling?

    It doesn’t interfere. Small overlap but no interference.
  18. goodlettjr

    19" or 20" Wheels?

    If your performance needs are to be chasing down the extra .05 sec on the strip or .10 sec on the autocross, 19". If you want to go fast and have fun with looks, 20" 20" will ride a bit harsher than the 19" , but nothing crazy. Just avoid potholes on the road the best you can.
  19. goodlettjr

    Anyone have a better solution for front license plate - no drilling?

    This has all my alarms going off. this will hit / catch on all kinds of stuff. Even worse when you park along a curb stop and it pops over to the other side. That is liable to really mess up your front bumper cover and splitter. I used Craig's Custom Mustang Brackets. Works like a charm...
  20. goodlettjr

    FORSCAN - Changing Tire size

    Ok, I had a few minutes and my curiosity got the best of me. Version 2.3.57 connects. It reads the BCM module. Will let you edit the tire circumference in mm. I didn't change anything. I haven't bought new tires for my new rims yet.