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  1. CarGuyBill

    Mustang 60th Charlotte Motor Speedway April 17th

    Was wondering if any other members are attending the 60th event at CMS on April 17th ?
  2. CarGuyBill

    DH Grocery Getter with Fun Still and Option

    I commonly use my Dark Horse to run errands and am always disappointed after going to the store because the trip home fun is limited. I have now found a cure for the packages shifting around. The picture with Milk etc. shown I pulled just over a g in some turns and a full throttle run spanking a...
  3. CarGuyBill

    So how many Lateral G’s have you seen?

    My Dark Horse Non-HP is not broken in but today I found myself on a North Georgia road with no traffic, so I decided to test it out a bit in the corners. I was nowhere close to the limit and was shocked to see that the car pulled 1.05g
  4. CarGuyBill

    Battery Voltage on Center Display?

    I only have 200 Miles on my DH but today when driving I was scrolling through display and noticed that the voltage is only 13 volts. During the trip it jumped to 13.5 at one point then back down to 13. I am used to vehicles that put out a range from 13.8 to 14.2 what are you seeing on your...
  5. CarGuyBill

    I am impressed with the Dark Horse Underside

    Today I spent the day detailing my new Dark Horse. When I jacked it up and pulled the wheels so I could install the front air deflectors and put some clear synthetic grease on the rotor surface to keep the rust away. I did the once over and was really impressed at the Race Car features of the...
  6. CarGuyBill

    Dark Horse Hood Graphis Removal?

    My Dark Horse is hopefully going to be produced the week of 10-16-23. I ordered Blue Ember, so I had to get the appearance package. I am not a fan of the vinal stripes on the hood and was wondering if anyone had removed them.
  7. CarGuyBill

    Have the Merch need the Car! Dark Horse apparel arrived

    My box finally arrived today with all of my Ford Merch. The jacket was out of stock for ever and I bookmarked the page and checked it regularly. One night late it showed one Large in Stock so I jumped on it. The page for the Jacket now says not found so don't know if they are going to have it...