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  1. Decio

    Just bought a Mustang but dealer can’t release it

    I would ask the dealer what the "in service" date of this car is. The clock could already be running on your warranty. Not a big deal if it's going to take a few days to get the parts, but could be a factor if it will be several weeks or more. I purchased my Mustang on 9/1 but wasn't able to...
  2. Decio

    Lost 14lbs

    Careful driving out there. You could have run over an Ozempic needle!
  3. Decio

    Ford Aerodynamics

    Can anyone with a LinkedIn account contact Jonathan Gesek at Ford and ask him about the openings in the wheel wells AKA gravel catchers? Maybe he'd be kind enough to join us here. If the openings help cool the brakes, that's one thing. If it's about shaving tenths of a second off my lap...
  4. Decio

    Any differences between 2024.00 (job1) and 2024.50 (job2) Mustangs?

    Hopefully, wheel well covers without conspicuous holes in them.
  5. Decio

    Do you have a C.L.U.E. about LexisNexis?

    We’ve had several threads here about insurance costs, so I want to share what I’ve recently learned about a tool used by some companies in insurance industry to help determine your quotes (auto, home, etc.) and what a consumer can do to save money. Insurance companies can hire companies like...
  6. Decio

    Ford's Intelligent Oil Life Monitor System

    Any convenience offered by the FordPass app is outweighed by the potential of Ford selling my telematic data (hard braking, rapid acceleration, speed limit violations, etc.) to insurance companies so Ford has another revenue stream and the insurance company "customizes" my rates based on my...
  7. Decio

    Cruise control issue

    Any chance you messed around with the settings and landed in kilometers per hour? I switch to it on occasion to scare the hell out of an unsuspecting passenger.
  8. Decio

    Explain the 1,000 mi oil change to me

    I can't testify to what when in, but I was billed for 5W-30 Motorcraft XO-5W30-Q1FS. $133.24 - $20.02 for my inconvenience = $113.22 for an oil change is only mildly outrageous since it does take 10 quarts and I specifically requested full synthetic. After reading about how many bolts are...
  9. Decio

    Explain the 1,000 mi oil change to me

    I just changed the oil this afternoon at 1,122 miles and had to wait an extra 45 minutes while the parts runner at the local Ford dealership had to run over to NAPA for oil. Who the hell runs a service department that doesn't stock oil? I was told this dealership sells it so infrequently that...
  10. Decio

    Is Your S650 Spying on You?

    Yes I turned everything off and I'm OK without the Ford App. I can confirm the app will not function properly as a result. Personally, as long as I have a key fob, gas, and good weather that's all I really need.
  11. Decio

    Help with X-plan invoice

    I would have the dealer explain what the gov. fees are - don't make any assumptions. In my sale, the doc fees were $595 because that was on the template and they "forgot" to alter it. They adjusted it before I purchased - I didn't have to wait for a refund. X-Plans are calculated from...
  12. Decio

    Decisions, decisions…. Pondering ordering a GT Premium PP

    X-Plan caps the doc fees in addition to the other savings, so it's worth joining MCA as at least a digital member for that alone, assuming you are ok with the 90 day wait period before X-plan pricing applies. X-Plan = Ford Employee (A-Plan) price plus 4% plus $150. I literally saved...
  13. Decio

    Decisions, decisions…. Pondering ordering a GT Premium PP

    I chose Xpel Ultimate Fusion and covered the full hood, full fenders, front bumper, headlights, mirrors, lower doors, rocker panels, rear quarter panels, luggage area, wheel impact areas on rear bumper for $3,625. There are cheaper products out there, but I liked that this product had an...
  14. Decio

    Decisions, decisions…. Pondering ordering a GT Premium PP

    Before ordering, ask for the "out the door" price inclusive of all taxes, fees, etc. and have it signed by a manager and keep a copy. X-Plan saved me a lot in doc. fees and other BS. Clearly spell out on the order form that you are not paying for window etching, LoJack, PPF, ceramic coating...
  15. Decio

    Demon eyes fitment?

    Might be fun at a car show, but I wouldn't add one more reason to get on a cop's radar (figuratively and literally).
  16. Decio

    2024 Mustang GT Convertible Build

    I contacted the vendor you can buy the "spider top" here. It costs $1,500 and I'm sure it will be more to ship it and paint it to match. They shared the install video with me - doesn't seem too bad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfEDYCbRVZY I already have a Wind Restrictor installed, so I...
  17. Decio

    Gasoline options and recommendations

    I use PenFed Pathfinder for 4X travel. Really between Andrews, PenFed and NASA (best CD rates) you can't go wrong with an FCU. That PNC looks interesting. Worth checking out.
  18. Decio

    Gasoline options and recommendations

    So far I have used Shell 91 exclusively in the Mustang and there's enough of them in the region that I should be able to sustain that. I've used Speedway 87 almost exclusively in my '15 V6 Impala with an STP fuel system cleaner additive every 3 months and have no perceptible loss of power or...
  19. Decio

    Acoustic Windshield

    Confirmed on a '24 GT PP 401A. I don't get the logic on a convertible, unless they just want to be able to charge more for it.
  20. Decio

    2024 Premium Convertible Sirius or satellite antenna replacements?

    They all come with a relatively short antenna, but if your car came with "The Stubby" as pictured then someone put that on aftermarket for you. Works fine as an antenna but your experience will really depend on your location, topography, etc. I use XM so I can't really attest to it's...