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  1. Long Tube Headers

    Wow that sounds amazing!! did you get a check engine light?
  2. Long Tube Headers

    Are they catless? Really curious to hear how they sound it's very rare to find videos of the s650s with headers
  3. Long Tube Headers

    Did you get around the check engine light? I would really love to see a video of how that sounds since there are no catless s650 videos out there yet at all
  4. Dual to quad tip conversion for non-active exhaust

    That sounds amazing! I wish I didn't get active exhaust because I got rid of the mufflers anyway, sounds so much better.
  5. Paddle Shifters

    I'm wondering the same thing, want to buy paddle shifter extensions but don't know if the old ones will fit. Does anyone know?
  6. Stuff you want Ford to fix in the next software update

    I feel like this is how it was intended to be but it's not showing, they need to fix it in a software update but I don't know if that's possible or if they care enough to. Edit: Quiet mode remote startup needs to be fixed ASAP so it actually starts in quiet mode, it's pretty much useless for me...
  7. 2024 Mustang GT Premium - Wouldn't Start

    Damn that makes me realize the worst part about this is never knowing if it will happen again, even if it was a one time computer error I'm always a little paranoid when I go to turn on the car. Hopefully with it happening to so many people Ford can pinpoint the reason why, I suspect it's...
  8. 2024 Mustang GT Premium - Wouldn't Start

    I'm very curious if this has happened to anybody more than once? It seems like everybody having the issue has only had it happen to them once including me. Very odd that it can't be reproduced.
  9. Does anyone have an H-pipe yet?

    I've had an H-pipe for about a month now I forgot to post clips, it's honestly not much of a change maybe 15-20% louder driving and 30% louder on cold start and slightly more of a higher pitch sound. No matter what people say removing the resonator will make it less deep not more, the videos...
  10. 2024 Mustang GT Premium - Wouldn't Start

    This exact scenario just happened to me with the exact same error messages. Same thing with the remote start cranking but manually it didn't. I haven't had the jerking problem that you had or any other problem for that matter. Were you able to find out what it was? I suspect it is an issue with...
  11. Car won't start . . .

    This just happened to me, I was about to leave to go somewhere an hour ago. I try to start the car sitting inside the car and I see a bunch of error lights pop up every light that exists and then it said service soon, pre collission not available etc. a bunch of service messages and nothing...
  12. GT Oil Filter part # number?

    Can anyone explain why the manual says FL-500-S but the website and other people are saying FL2127? I'm about to do my oil change but I got the FL-500-S, if it's incorrect I would really like to make sure.
  13. Non-active exhaust recommendations?

    Just removing the mufflers while keeping the middle resonator is quieter than a lot of catback exhausts still so I don't think that would be an issue. They issue tickets here too for super loud exhausts but it would require you to be driving crazy near a cop and I personally think it's worth the...
  14. Non-active exhaust recommendations?

    I haven't done it yet I'm going to pair the muffler delete with an H pipe to make it extremely loud and get rid of my active exhaust but the exhaust shop I trust is booked out for a few weeks. This person I linked did just the muffler delete though and it sounds pretty good, if you went to a...
  15. Non-active exhaust recommendations?

    If you want a better sound on a non-active car just get a muffler delete for 200$ and it sounds better than all the exhausts. Spending thousands of dollars on exhausts is a scam when just letting the car breathe sounds better than any of them.
  16. Winter tire examples

    https://www.bridgestonetire.ca/tire/blizzak-lm005/255-40R19/ These are the ones I have on my car, I have the PP but these tires fit just fine on those rims. Got the first snow storm today and was sliding around a lot so I'm going to need to put some sandbags in the trunk but they're pretty good.
  17. Video: Installing a Corsa Cat Back Exhaust on our 2024 Mustang GT w/ Dyno Results

    Thank you for doing this!! I was going to get a muffler delete with an H Pipe to replace the active exhaust and was very afraid it would cause some errors but knowing it won't put my mind at ease. I'm going to get it done next week. Great video!
  18. Is MotorTrend right about the new S650?

    The active exhaust stock I agree is better than s550 active exhaust stock but what I meant is the sound with aftermarket exhausts or a simple muffler delete/straight pipe it sounds a lot more airy and higher pitched to me with the few exhausts that I've seen on the s650 whereas the s550 had a...
  19. Is MotorTrend right about the new S650?

    I'm going to go against the grain here, I know nobody likes to talk badly about what they spent their life savings on but I will give my honest opinion. I had an s550 ecoboost and test drove a bunch of s550 GT's and was very close to buying one but waited for the 2024. I now have the 2024 GT...
  20. Anyone remove their active exhaust mufflers yet?

    Damn that is unlucky, thankfully I haven't had any issues so far hopefully it stays that way. The tick seems to be in every 5.0 and ford said it has no impact and there are very high mileage motors with the tick so that's not something I would worry about but hope you don't have any more issues!