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  1. Kermut

    I got to drive a S650 for the first time recently.. I'm underwhelmed

    Obviously I'm biased, but unless you got the sweetheart Ford financing deal that just expired, idk why you would buy a '24 GT over a '23 Mach 1 for around the same price.
  2. Kermut

    Official: 2025 Mustang GTD Revealed! 800+ HP 5.2L V8, Pushrod Suspension, $300K MSRP

    Agreed, this thing is so fugly when I saw the leaks yesterday I thought ‘no way this is real’. Looks like the top hits of early 2000’s design tacked on to the already questionable S650. But these will absolutely sell out as status symbols.
  3. Kermut

    Mustang Dark Horse Docu-Film by Savagegeese Incoming. Any Questions?

    Is the DH going to be the defining special trim for the S650, akin to the GT350? I kinda get the feeling it is, since they are emphasizing its ties to the GT3/racing program cars and are releasing a DH R and R+ or whatever. im also curious as to their response to feedback on the screens and if...
  4. Kermut

    2024 Mustang GT Driving Reviews! - Articles/Videos Compilation

    I posted on TheDrive article comments asking the author to make that exact comparison and he said he would. He pretty recently reviewed the Mach 1
  5. Kermut

    2024 Dark Horse on display at dealer "For Sale" (Blue Ember)

    it’s a pretty popular opinion with a lot of the greater community. The screens look like ass. Still waiting to see it in person but I would be surprised if it changed my mind. FWIW I’m in my 30’s so not like a die hard traditionalist. Here’s to hoping the mid-model revision is an improvement.
  6. Kermut

    Grabber Blue Dark Horse Mustang S650 Best Real-Life Look Yet!

    The eyebags are awful. I maintain that I don't have FOMO about skipping the DH/early release, but I am excited to see what comes out for the refresh in the way of the cabin and special models.
  7. Kermut

    Spotted: Shelby S650 Mustang!

    Good news! If you don’t drive your GT350R, not only will you NOT have to worry about your engine exploding, it’ll keep the residual value higher on BaT! The rest of us literally don’t care.
  8. Kermut

    Spotted: Shelby S650 Mustang!

    Some cars made it to a whole 70k miles, def the poster child for reliability.
  9. Kermut

    2024 Mustang Dark Horse PRICING Leaked: $57,970 Base MSRP 💵

    ? ~$60k gets you the 700a package, which is leather seats, unless I’m missing something from the OP
  10. Kermut

    2024 Mustang Dark Horse PRICING Leaked: $57,970 Base MSRP 💵

    So my point of comparison is my MY ‘21 Mach. I was able to get it for under invoice from Granger, and Zach has already stated the DH will be MSRP. So taking into account price adjustments for the ‘22 and ‘23 model years, I would be paying something like $7k + over what I paid for my premium...
  11. Kermut

    2024 Mustang Dark Horse PRICING Leaked: $57,970 Base MSRP 💵

    For cars at these price points, to some degree it’s always going to be specific to the desires of an individual, it’s not purely “I need a sports car and A offers more capability for less”. There are plenty of die-hard Mustang fans who will only buy Ford, and really at that point it’s more Ford...
  12. Kermut

    Dark Horse Convertible?

    I rented a Ecoboost convertible and was really unimpressed with the top mechanism; the quarter windows didn’t work well at all. I love convertibles, and I love mustangs, but I don’t feel like the modern ones do it well together. Maybe get something more purpose designed like a Miata or Boxster...
  13. Kermut

    7G S650 GT350 ?

    Maybe like re read my comment, because you seem to have a chip on your shoulder and are taking it out on me
  14. Kermut

    7G S650 GT350 ?

    Judging from your profile picture, I can see you have no bias hah. As a Mach owner, I always found it far more frustrating how my car was waived off as ‘just a GT’ when the performance difference between it and a GT350 is pretty minimal. I say that as someone who would have purchased a GT350 if...
  15. Kermut

    First S650 2024 Ford Mustang Diecast! 1/18 Dark Horse in Carbonized Gray

    Missed opportunity to make the car in the ember blue, which sounds like it’ll be the DH signature color.
  16. Kermut

    Black Rear Decklid

    I like the body color decklid on the S650
  17. Kermut

    What are your thoughts on the interior of the S650? Specifically the screens

    I bought my Mach during that unfortunate period of time where I could get my car for $54k but a '19 GT350 with 10k miles was like $65k. I told myself that was the best choice since I'll probably trade in the Mach towards a S650, but if I'm still not impressed with the later cars I may get a...
  18. Kermut

    What are your thoughts on the interior of the S650? Specifically the screens

    I strongly dislike the new dash. The reason why, is that I'm looking at a S650 from the perspective of it being a 'last of the MT V8's' car that I never end up selling. For that kind of car, I'm not using it for daily driving, I'm using it for fun weekend escapism where I don't worry about all...
  19. Kermut

    2% under invoice on 2024 Ford Mustang orders. Dark Horse @MSRP - Granger Ford

    I bought a Mach 1 from these guys and they are awesome to work with, as anyone from the 6g forum can attest. Zach, I’m going to pass on the DH, but when the next Boss/Shelby comes out Im getting back in line if y’all are still around!