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  1. Dxm

    Dealer Can't Resolve Backseat Area Rattling

    Try putting the backs of the rear seats down--to get into the trunk from the cabin. Does the noise go away? Maybe the backs are not fully fastened and something is rattling. Check if something is loose in the spare tire area. There's the jack, spare tire, as well as a funnel. So check if...
  2. Dxm

    There's a sixth gear?

    I usually pass the 5th gear and go right into the 6th. When passing somebody on the highway I always use the 4th gear. This gearbox is very much like my ‘07 5-speed GT one. Same gear ratio 1–4. But 5 is slightly slower. And 6th is of course faster than the 5th. 5th gear comes in handy when...
  3. Dxm

    USB Port in mirror

    I have a base model. I routed my dashcam cable under the trim on the side of my windshield. Basically cigarette lighter cable straight to the windshield, then around the windshield (you can just tuck it under the plastic going around the windshield) and up the passenger side trim. It doesn’t...
  4. Dxm

    Built-in Navigation?

    why not just use what's on your phone? I've been using iPhone Maps for the past 6 years with my old car. Works great.
  5. Dxm

    First OTA software update

    Just noticed that the music EQ have been reset to the default settings: bass, mid and treble in the middle. Also the gauges got reset. Other than that everything is good.
  6. Dxm

    Clutch Vibration

    The thump happens on every single manual transmission car. To avoid it, you need to rev-match it before you put the car into first gear, even if you are standing still. I always double-clutch when I have time to do so. So If I have time, I put the transmission in neutral, give it a little...
  7. Dxm

    24 Mustang wouldn’t start. Loads of error messages

    dead battery? what do you mean it won't start? Nothing on the screens? Maybe you got the firmware update and it bricked your car?
  8. Dxm

    Heat extractor plug

    ditto! I keep my car outside. I got my car in October. And with multiple snow/rain storms, the engine bay is surprisingly clean. Way cleaner than my 2007 GT looked. Another thing that the old car had which was mind-boggling: there was a bunch of electrical tape that got unraveled during my...
  9. Dxm

    Front inner wheel well issues

    No issues for me after covering the holes. Drove from NY to Texas and back.
  10. Dxm

    Love the car, but I have 2 big disappointments

    How many ways can I say that there is a plastic screen protector on both screens….. lol you can clearly see that it’s there placed over the screen. Underneath is is probably glass. But you can clearly see it if you look closely. How? It’s slightly smaller than the entire area of both...
  11. Dxm

    Love the car, but I have 2 big disappointments

    I don't have a "pull here" tab. I see plastic rectangles that are glued onto both screens, I can scrape it with my thumb nail....
  12. Dxm

    Love the car, but I have 2 big disappointments

    If you look closely, there’s a screen protector on both screens that is plastic. You can really see it on a sunny day.
  13. Dxm

    First OTA software update

    Got my update notification today. I think Ford staggered it, so that not everybody would get bricked at once... smart
  14. Dxm

    First oil change...what a pain in the ass 😆

    you'll get all the dirt/grime/rocks/sand in your engine bay
  15. Dxm

    First OTA software update

    Oh, and for the love of god, disable auto-updates. This is asking for trouble. Let's say you're traveling, in the middle of nowhere, like in a remote desert somewhere.... do you really want to go through the trouble of having your car towed, to fix the error during an update? I sure don't...
  16. Dxm

    GT shift lever shake

    Mine vibrates a little bit, if you put your hand on it.
  17. Dxm

    Is Your S650 Spying on You?

    Well I don’t want to lose the app functionality either. I think it’s a decent compromise. I park my car on the street, so I want to be alerted if someone is breaking in, etc.
  18. Dxm

    Is Your S650 Spying on You?

    This is what I left turned on: "Share Vehicle Data" and "Share Vehicle Location". Otherwise the Ford app on the phone doesn't recognize the car anymore. Everything else I disabled.