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  1. Strokerswild

    Ford's Allocation System & How It Affects Your Order + Current Mustang Scheduling Notes (by Long McArthur)

    It's not just Mustangs, kids. Go check out the Bronco boards, Ford's allocation and production "system" is broken, there are guys that ordered Broncos back in 2020 that still don't have their vehicle...
  2. Strokerswild

    This is how buttons work..

    No doubt the same individual(s) that engineered the roller coaster, warped as shit at the windshield defroster ducts from the factory, POS, dash in my '19 F150....
  3. Strokerswild

    Why Lie?

    You're not kidding. I run our corporate machine shop (we build custom automation) and we've gotten to the point of stocking many common parts now because lead times would otherwise cripple projects.
  4. Strokerswild

    Anyone ditch Bronco for S650 ?

    Ford really seems to be losing the plot lately. I really wanted to order a Bronco for over the last year, but one thing after another with option constraints (and QC horror stories on the forums) frustrated me to the point of ordering a new Rubicon instead. With Bronco I really had no idea...
  5. Strokerswild

    Experience with Granger Ford

    I'm not sure if they are necessarily quicker to receive a vehicle, but they are extremely easy to deal with. Easiest vehicle purchase I've ever made, in fact, and a price nobody else I had contacted would touch. From a Ford perspective, it will depend on demand for the vehicle and parts...
  6. Strokerswild

    How well do you think the S650 will sell?

    I've already mentioned that the styling (especially interior) killed any and all interest I may have had, but lack of physical controls nailed the coffin lid on tight. I'll never buy a vehicle that's touchscreen only for HVAC and such.
  7. Strokerswild

    How well do you think the S650 will sell?

    Well, let me put it this way - if something catastrophic happens to my current S550, I'll be looking for another S550, a Mach 1 or GT500 garage queen. Or another '60s musclecar. The S650 is no bueno for me in terms of styling. Zero interest.
  8. Strokerswild

    Spotted: Shelby S650 Mustang!

    A lot of people seem to forget that Shelby American built the original Shelby Mustangs back in the '60s from garden variety fastbacks. To which the modern Ford-built Shelbys are essentially an homage.
  9. Strokerswild

    Carbon Fiber Wheels on Dark Horse Mustang – First Look!

    Such inspired design. What a dumpster fire.
  10. Strokerswild

    Any pictures of the dark horse carbon fiber wheels?

    More stunning S650 design....
  11. Strokerswild

    What are your thoughts on the interior of the S650? Specifically the screens

    As I posted elsewhere, here's a little-known styling study for the S650 dash: These clean lines practically SCREAM Mustang!
  12. Strokerswild

    What are your thoughts on the interior of the S650? Specifically the screens

    This. But since they ruined what could have been the S650, my '15 will be the last ICE Mustang I'll buy new.
  13. Strokerswild

    What are your thoughts on the interior of the S650? Specifically the screens

    Deal breaker. End of story. I have my nits to pick about the exterior, but the interior kills what little interest I have in the S650.
  14. Strokerswild

    Rims if Ford is doing a Fox theme

    The '94-'95 version: I don't see them doing a Fox-inspired wheel, but I hope they break out of the all-black doldrums that everyone is doing these days. Real sick of it.
  15. Strokerswild

    Styling? Whats happening?

    Little-known styling study for the S650 dash:
  16. Strokerswild

    Would you pay over MSRP to get in an S650?

    Where's the "Hell No" option?
  17. Strokerswild

    Yellow Splash 2024 Mustang GT Caught Testing

    It's not just you. 🤮 Nice to see that Ford still hasn't managed to get the hood to front fascia interface to look even....