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  1. Premier Trim W/Color Accent

    Thank you for clearing that up.
  2. Premier Trim W/Color Accent

    I was looking on Ford's website at the Dark Horse build and price. Even with the 701A Package, the Dark Horse still comes with cloth seats??? Is that correct??? If so, that really sucks.
  3. S650 Mustang's electronic drift brake driving action on Jimmy Fallon show

    Wow, really??? Your NON driving ass could have driven the GT!!!! LOL
  4. 2024 Mustang GT "Looks Much Better In Person!" (Walkaround Video @ LA Auto Show)

    Still NOT happy Ford decided not to have fog lamps on the 24 model. Just looks off without them!!!
  5. S650 v S550 Mustang GT front end comparison

    My 2021 F150 King Ranch has all LED headlights and foglights. I hate the fact they didn't include the fog lights on the 2024 Mustang. Doesn't look good at all, IMO!!!
  6. chazcron weighs in... 7th gen 2023 Mustang S650 3D model & renderings in several colors!

    Man, I sure hope that isn't the 'real' Mustang. If it is, I will keep my 19 GT.