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  1. TTown

    2% under invoice on 2024 Ford Mustang orders. Dark Horse @MSRP - Granger Ford

    Is Ford kicking out Dark Horse orders with regularity, or are allocations still hard to come by?
  2. TTown

    ZL1 >>>> to a GT or DH?

    Pretty good take. I do think the Mustang sounds a lot better and that's not an insignificant factor when considering grins from just driving around town. I know it's almost blasphemy in auto enthusiast circles to consider anything other than 1/4 mile and NĂĽrburgring times as the baromter of...
  3. TTown

    Mustang GT on 19" VELGEN VF5 Wheels

    I assume you could do 19x10 squared with 285/35/19? Would that setup be pretty flush with the sides all around?
  4. TTown

    Factory Matte Clear Film Now Available For 2024 Mustang

    How much hell is it to remove a clear wrap several years down the line?
  5. TTown

    ZL1 >>>> to a GT or DH?

    That really resonates with me. I guess I'm more enamored with a sports/muscle car's sound and aura - how it affects your senses (as corny as that may sound) than simply what it can do in a 1/4 mile and which is the most badass "track weapon" (a place I'll probably never be). Don't get me wrong...
  6. TTown

    ZL1 >>>> to a GT or DH?

    My only gripes with the ZL1 are as follows: 1. Getting in and out is a chore due to the seat bolstering and door orientation. I try to delicately get into it so as not to constantly abuse the seat bottom and side bolster. I don't want it to look liks shit at 10,000 miles. 2. Unless I'm...
  7. TTown

    ZL1 >>>> to a GT or DH?

    Has anyone on here ever let go of a current gen Camaro ZL1 and moved back to a Mustang GT or DH simply because the Mustang sounds better, is a better daily, or other reasons? [Cue the comments for one would have to be crazy to even consider such a thing.]
  8. TTown

    S650 GT or C7/C8

    I wouldn't spend a dime on a C8 given the high likelihood of getting a defective transmission.
  9. TTown

    2024 Atlas Blue Mustang GT On SVE SP2 Wheels

    Why on earth is Nitto the only one making this size tire for this setup???
  10. TTown

    Oxford White GT: updated 11.5.23

    What tint % is on the sides? Car looks really good.
  11. TTown

    Gauge screen rattle.

    Oh, the ol "clown" retort. Good one. Your little rattle is nothing. I think you just wanted to get on here and whine. Sound familiar.
  12. TTown

    Gauge screen rattle.

    Oh, that rattle is no big deal. Just like the BBQ tick. Both are normal and to be expected.
  13. TTown

    Official GRABBER BLUE Mustang S650 Thread

    Wheel size and tire specs?
  14. TTown

    Ford Performance Whipple Supercharger Kit for 2024 Mustang GT Makes 800+ Horsepower

    I suspect only a smattering of Ford dealers will choose to participate in the installation and service of this setup. Most won't want to bother with it, which in turn will make it a pain to have service work done locally (assuming one wants a Dealer to be involved - and some would for...
  15. TTown


    Thanks. Isn't a 315/35/19 almost identiocal to a 275/40/19 (stock) in terms of overall wheel/tire height as well as sidewall height? A 325/30/19 is way shorter I think that the PP rear wheel/tire overall height. https://tiresize.com/comparison/
  16. TTown


    So if one ran 285/35/19 and 305/35/19 (to closely replicate height of PP wheels/tires), what size wheel would be right? 19x10, and 19x11?
  17. TTown

    Official Mustang S650 Aftermarket Wheel & Tire Thread

    Please start adding wheel and tire sizes so we can think about what we might order as different pics and combos are added to this and other threads. Thanks.
  18. TTown

    Lots of unsold dark horse on ground

    Look out for possible transmission problems in a C8.