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  1. samson

    Explain the 1,000 mi oil change to me

    I notice a lot of member with new S650s have gotten their first oil change at 1,000 miles rather than waiting for the standard 5,000 mile mark. Can someone explain the rationale behind this? I've never done this on any of my cars but wondering if I should on my very first Mustang. Is the...
  2. samson

    There's a sixth gear?

    Just had to laugh at myself. Third day driving this GT and 150 miles in and I finally just noticed there is a sixth gear LOL. I had no clue. Finally looked at the shift knob and was like, wow check that out! This is still a learning process 😆
  3. samson

    12.0V resting - should I be concerned?

    Just went out to lower the convertible top on my two day old GT convertible. I noticed the voltage reading is 12.0V currently. I drove it yesterday afternoon for maybe 15 min. Doesn't that voltage seem low? Do you think I should be ok with it or should I have it checked out? 12 seems low to...
  4. samson

    The Pony is in the Stable

    Brought this GT Premium Convertible home last night. That was the most enjoyable 70 mile drive I've had in a long time. Ordered this car 5 months ago to the day and wasn't sure if I'd totally like the setup until I saw it. Happy to say I'm thrilled with it. Only options are 401A, AVE, and red...
  5. samson

    STO-N-SHO ground clearance?

    Curious if anyone who is using the STO-N-SHO front license plate bracket that mounts under the bumper can tell me the ground clearance? How much is lost due to installing this? Asking due to speed bumps in my neighborhood. Thanks!
  6. samson

    Trade-In Value on Mustang Purchase

    Curious to hear what most of you do when trading in a vehicle at the dealer. How do you determine the value you are looking to get? Do you bring estimates to the dealer with you? Do you run Carvana or other sources? I have a Mustang order that I'm going to look at this week. All the numbers...
  7. samson

    Help with X-plan invoice

    Can you take a look at the sample invoice they sent me today on my x-plan order? What is "Government Fees" and "Proc/Doc Fees?" And which is supposed to be limited to $275 by x-plan? First time with this and I'm not familiar with how this is done. The price is adjusted, but it doesn't look...
  8. samson

    MCA Renewal Question

    Quick question. Just got my renewal invoice for the Mustang Club of America. They are offering three levels of membership. Standard with magazine $50, Digital with online magazine $35, and Associate with no magazine $25. Do we still get the X-plan benefit regardless of which level membership...
  9. samson

    Rear windows

    So have they fixed this with the '24s? Renting this '22 in FL this week and sure enough both back windows don't close all the way. I've heard this is an issue with the 550s and now I got to see it in action 😆
  10. samson

    Found a GT Manual with start/stop

    Found this one online. GT Premium. Has the Auto Start/Stop button, and even better NO Gas Guzzler tax!
  11. samson

    Has Ford officially stopped producing the convertible boot inserts?

    There have been a few threads on this but I'm wondering if we ever got an answer on if Ford is producing these for the S650 or not? Are they an option anymore?
  12. samson

    Convertible Antenna Replacements?

    Just to get this thread started Anyone found any reasonable replacements for the factory convertible antenna. A stubby antenna? Or maybe something even smaller? I virtually never use the am/fm radio anymore and would be happy to sacrifice reception for something less obnoxious looking.
  13. samson

    When do order banks open for 2025 Mustangs?

    Just curious if anyone has heard, or anyone can make a good estimate on when order banks might open for 2025 Mustangs? I may need to delay my order due to a house sale & move.
  14. samson

    Check out this covertible's wheels

    Stopped by a dealership today to look at what I thought was a GT Premium Convertible with the standard shadow silver-painted aluminum wheels. When I got there it had black wheels. I talked to one of the salesman because I wasn't familiar with the wheels and he told me they had the standard...
  15. samson

    Thoughts on the painted aluminum wheel upgrade?

    Curious to get opinions on the optional 20" Premium Painted Aluminum Wheels with the brembo package? I'm a little torn on these vs the standard GT Premium wheels. I test drove a black convertible with the optional wheels yesterday. I was surprised how much I liked them in-person. Do you think...
  16. samson

    Put my GT Premium Convertible order in today

    Went to test drive a black GT Premium convertible today. Really enjoyed it, except it wasn't a stick shift. Apparently the exact build I'm looking for is a pretty rare bird out there. They only found three and all were a LONG way away. Anyway they asked me if I would consider ordering and I...
  17. samson

    Buying a car out of state

    So for the first time since I started this journey I have actually come across the exact spec'd Mustang I have been looking for. It's hard to find non-PP convertible GT Premiums with manual transmission. The one I found is exactly what I wanted, right down to the color. 401A, Brembos, Active...
  18. samson

    How long a wait if you order today?

    Just looking for a very rough estimate on how long the wait time would be if you order a Mustang GT Premium convertible today? Only options would be 401A, Brembos, AVE. Thanks!
  19. samson

    How to do a nationwide search

    Is there an easy way to search for a car nationally? I use the build site but it limits you to 100 miles from a particular zip code. Is there a way to search the entire country at once rather than having to pick zip codes across the country over and over? My build is apparently very rare in...
  20. samson

    Test Drove a '24 GT Premium Today

    I had the day off today so I figured I'd try to find a Ford dealer near me with a 24 in stock. Found one about 45 min away with a white GT Premium on their site. Kept my fingers crossed that it would still be there when I arrived, and luckily it was. This was my first time seeing one in-person...