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  1. Performance package is it worth it

    Is this purely a financial decision? Don't get it. Save the 5k+ and use it elsewhere. Alternatively, get a base model Dark Horse instead. Comes with all the functional goodies from the GT for a few thousand less, if you can find one. On the other hand, absolutely get it if: You like the look...
  2. Ford Teases "New Addition to the Mustang Stable" Coming in 2025

    The thing that makes me suspicious of an AWD burnout is that for the entire duration of that short clip of that burnout, the car was standing still. I don't know that an AWD car can do a standing burnout.
  3. Dark Horse on fire and burns down (from stuck clutch)

    My immediate thought is that this could be a hydraulic problem, however I'm not mechanically inclined enough to say that with confidence. @Ford Motor Company, you may want to look into this.
  4. Ford Teases "New Addition to the Mustang Stable" Coming in 2025

    https://www.thedrive.com/news/a-new-ford-mustang-variant-is-coming-next-year-can-you-guess-what-it-is This article makes me question my own arguments. While I'm still not entirely sure that this is going to be a hybrid, this statement does pique my interest: The fact that, as mentioned in...
  5. Ford Teases "New Addition to the Mustang Stable" Coming in 2025

    This seems to have a roofline that's too low/too short for it to be a 4 door coupe IMO. An electric variant doesn't make a lot of sense to me either, given the following: Ford just refreshed the Mach-E, EV sales have tanked, and I'm not sure they'd be haughty enough to tease an EV Mustang at an...
  6. 2024 mustang the problem with expectations

    🤣🤣🤣 This is one of the reasons I joined this forum.
  7. GT Did Not Start, Threw Every Code At Me

    Sounds like a computer glitch or a short somewhere. If replacing the battery terminal fixed it then maybe they were misplaced or mildly corroded from sitting too long.
  8. Race Red - Night Pictures

    The export Mustangs, depending on the region, appear to have a variety of different mixes of parts. I've seen ones, like this, that unless you looked closely at certain parts of the car you'd think it was US-spec. I think this is the first time I've seen one for the Arabian peninsula personally.
  9. A10 redline shifts

    If you are referring to the shift lights/adjustable rev limiter in the MyMustang settings, that will not actually limit the RPMs. They serve as a point for you to know where to shift depending on what you set it to. If you mean that the transmission is not shifting when you want it to, there...
  10. Rev Match Does Not Rev High Enough

    Go for it! I find this car much more satisfying to rev match than the S550 to be honest. Maybe I just got better at it, but the pedals felt closer/better aligned in this car so heel-toeing was much more intuitive.
  11. Rev Match Does Not Rev High Enough

    Interesting issue I've never observed myself, except on a few rare instances where I was clutching out too fast. Have you tried giving it an extra quarter second before pulling your foot back up? It could also be the computer expecting you're going to brake, and pre-emptively compensating for...
  12. Paddle Shifters for Non-HPP Ecoboost

    As we already know, the new EB does not come with paddle shifters unless you order the High Performance Package. Does anyone suppose it would be possible to swap out the steering wheel to one with paddles on, say, a 100A/101A similar to what people did with the S550? And would the L gear then...
  13. Am I too picky? ….so many flaws on new $70k cars!

    No, you're not being picky. You found a VB that would have had a correction and been in your hands if someone else didn't get the jump on you. Keep looking, you'll find what you want in the condition you want it.
  14. Start/Stop

    The custom mode will save your start/stop selection, but you do need to reselect your custom mode using the steering wheel after each restart. It's one press up on the mode buttons.
  15. What Color is Blue Ember

    Echoing this, I've seen them myself. When clean the color is a beautiful combination of dark blue with a generous amount of gold flake that is quite obvious in direct sunlight. Imagine the McLaren P1's Cereberus Pearl paint, but with a LOT more blue and purple and a lot less gold - the gold is...
  16. Ended up with a Dark horse

    I know this is an old thread but I wanted to toss in my $0.02 on this - those people are looking at a base model GT versus an unoptioned DH and complaining about the price difference. You are effectively getting a fully loaded 401A - Plus 14 more HP - when you make that jump, and IIRC according...
  17. 300A GT 6MT test drive

    You are asking for a lot of car for very little money. Every single thing you've listed as a problem has a remedy available as an option. Yeah, it increases the price by a sizable chunk, but I'd rather a FOO GT or 600A at 60k than 90 for a comparable M2, 100+ for a comparable M4, and don't get...
  18. New Ford Product at Flat Rock plant

    They said assembly will finish at Multimatic. As to what that means as far as how much of the car is assembled at FRAP, only Ford knows. 🤷‍♂️
  19. New Ford Product at Flat Rock plant

    I have a few hypotheses. Most likely, this is investment for the next GT500. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be. Rumors have been floating around that a GT500 would be coming in 2024 as a 2025 model. Second, it could be an old image, and the note was there as allocation of resources for...