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Search results

  1. Build and Price Update: Dark Horse Carbon Fiber Wheels Priced/Available + New Interior Photos

    Dark Horse Carbon Fiber Wheels = $8,995 (standalone) +$4,995 handling package (required) = $13,990 total Ford has updated the build and price, they have added the carbon fiber wheels for the Dark Horse and have fixed the issue where the base DH had leather seats and the premium DH had cloth...
  2. Dark Horse for MSRP in or near South Carolina ?

    Are there any dealers in or near South Carolina that are doing Dark Horse orders at MSRP because apparently I missed out at Granger Ford.
  3. Sound system and stripe package question

    Does anyone know what this means does it mean that I won't get the normal amplifier or will I have to have a dealer install it later on? Does anyone have photos of the different painted stripe options the tuxedo black and the shadow black? And what color black is the roof painted in?