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  1. Sofa King

    Engine revving on start?

    Lol... at least an easy fix!
  2. Sofa King

    Active vs Standard Exhaust on Cabin noise level

    I don't have a direct comparison... 2018 ecoboost with standard exhaust and 2024 ecoboost with active exhaust. The normal mode on the active may be a bit louder than standard on the S550, at least outside the car, but the cars are different model years. The 24 engine is all new and 4 pipes vs 2...
  3. Sofa King

    Battery Tender?

    As DCS said the red cover (+) is pretty obvious... look in the manual for jump starting... same connection points. I close the hood on mine while on the charger... make sure the clamps are laid down and route the wire out above the headlight and you can close the hood.
  4. Sofa King

    Ford Performance TPMS kit

    Motorcraft #TPMS-74... Ford #F2GZ-1A189-G
  5. Sofa King

    Engine revving on start?

    Remote rev glitch?... disconnect battery for a few minutes, see if that fixes it. (Reboot)
  6. Sofa King

    Auto StartStop (disabled due to battery charging)

    Yes, auto start/stop is disabled in sport mode.
  7. Sofa King

    How's this look so far for reinforcement?

    Now THAT'S an engine!
  8. Sofa King

    S650 Mustang -Keep hands on steering wheel message

    Well, Ford needs to be made aware of an issue before they can do anything... take it to your dealer to start the ball rolling...
  9. Sofa King

    Sunday drive…

    lol... I had to remind the wife it was my turn when I ordered mine.
  10. Sofa King

    FIRST LOOK 👀 // James Deane and Ben Hobson's 2024 Mustang RTR Spec 5-FD Liveries!

    Okay, now I may have to purchase one of your grills... tell me the paint used for that blue color!
  11. Sofa King

    Keeping Driver Mode

    yep... SOP
  12. Sofa King

    Clunking Sound Backing out of Driveway

    you backed over the trash can, lol. Check that the shipping spacers are out of the springs... some dealers neglect this.
  13. Sofa King

    Official VAPOR BLUE Mustang S650 Thread

    When I put together my order that was the only choice that I had a hard time with... I went back and forth on the configurator for days... I am happy I went with the grabber blue (good name for a brake color too, lol).
  14. Sofa King

    What gives steeda?

    Saves on shipping cost... lol
  15. Sofa King

    Acoustic Windshield

    My 2018 ecoboost base model has it as does my 2024 ecoboost premium.
  16. Sofa King

    Color of Recaro seats with Performance Pack AND 401A

    The Recaros should come in the interior color you selected... I would say black by the window sticker. AFAIK the performance package has no bearing on the seat color.
  17. Sofa King

    Delivery Day!

    Looking good... the hood can be adjusted easily, I had the same, adjusting the hood stop pads took care of it. Mine was delivered in two and half months as well.
  18. Sofa King

    Sofa King's 2024 Ecoboost Premium HPP

    Lucky girl... getting a new mustang for graduation. I gave my daughter a car for graduation... the wife's old car and the wife got a new mustang, lol.
  19. Sofa King

    Wrench + Jack

    if looking for a spare and jack to put in the car: Spare tire option for Performance Pack or standalone Brembo BBK kit -- tested | Mustang7G - 2024+ S650 Mustang Forum (Dark Horse, GT, EcoBoost, GT500, GT350, Mach 1)