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  1. How to Make Your 2024 Mustang GT Faster with Steeda Suspension!

    This and wider tires are going to my first mods!
  2. 1.9% ford credit financing

    Just to be clear to everyone, those are the current rates for the 2023 Mustang. Ford does not have any special rates for the 2024s at the moment. Misinformation
  3. Ford has dropped the ball for customers who trusted in them

    The Bronco and Maverick forums are laughing at us right now lol. I agree it's not fun to wait but man they had to literally wait years for their vehicles. It's a redesigned model with thousands of them being built. We have to be patient
  4. En Route Boys !

    A very optimistic theory. I like it
  5. En Route Boys !

    Been stuck there for almost a week
  6. Dark Horse progress stalled after "Produced"

    My coworker's has been "produced" since June 27th lol. It's literally probably where the actual vehicle is located once they are done built. If it's all the way at the back of the lot, it will be a while until it gets moved onto a truck
  7. Shift Knob Replacements

    Just got this, can't wait
  8. S650s showing up on dealer lots ("IN TRANSIT" Still)

    This. There are no S650s that have been shipped from the plant that are for customers/dealer stock. We will all collectively find out once that begins because it will be a huge deal. As of right now, all of them are sitting at the plant.
  9. No Mustang Scheduling This Week (8/10/23)

    What they're saying is that you're better than most. You have a VIN and you are most likely being built as we speak. Your luck is better than most guys in this thread. Your only problem is that once it's built you'll be sitting with the rest of us waiting to get shipped. Rejoice, half of your...
  10. Ford chat updates on ETA

    I think it's time to stop looking at ETAs boys. I think the best way to figure if things are moving is where your vehicle actually is in production/location. The ETAs are probably just there because they have to be but they are not providing any real world timeline. My buddy that works at Ford...
  11. Club 59

    Just arrived to the club on Friday!
  12. 2024 Mustang GT/EcoBoost Performance Track Testing: 0-60 MPH, 1/4 Mile, Braking & Skid Pad

    This is what I'm saying. Do we truly believe the S650 is going to be THAT much slower than this? That wouldn't even make sense, even with the small weight increase. Let's all relax. Honestly, I'm more optimistic to the point where it'll be a bit quicker than the 18s.
  13. 2024 Mustang GT/EcoBoost Performance Track Testing: 0-60 MPH, 1/4 Mile, Braking & Skid Pad

    That's what I'm saying, putting final judgement into this test is just setting yourself up for disappointment. 7th gen should be very similar if not a little better in the quarter mile and 0-60 than the previous gen, as we've seen with other reviewers. One subpar review from them and everyone...
  14. 2024 Mustang GT/EcoBoost Performance Track Testing: 0-60 MPH, 1/4 Mile, Braking & Skid Pad

    It's amusing how many people are blaming the car vs the actual drivers and setups in this "review". As we said, Stangmode got it down to 3.8 with the A10 which means the car is still plenty potent and powerful. We all know the manual is slower, but for it to be a full second slower proves to be...
  15. 2024 Mustang GT/EcoBoost Performance Track Testing: 0-60 MPH, 1/4 Mile, Braking & Skid Pad

    I agree, first of all 0-60's are heavily skewed by driver performance alone when it comes to a manual. But if you're purchasing a manual GT and worried about 0-60, you bought it for the wrong reason. I know I could be much faster off the line with the A10, but I'm thinking about the sheer...
  16. Order update this am

    If your car was being built or produced, this email is irrelevant. It's just an automated email they send to everyone who hasn't received their order, which is all of us lol. I got the same email and my car was finished being built on Monday. We are all just waiting for final OKTB to get these...
  17. Ecoboost Tuning

    You and I both, I did FBO and a pro tune and I've been excellent for 18k miles. People get careless and then call it Ecoboom lol. Yeah I think people are blowing it out of proportion. The tunes won't be impossible, it will just take a while for them to crack the ECU and then we'll be good. It...
  18. Ecoboost Tuning

    Yes Ecoboost has a reputation for blowing up because owners boost the car without the necessary support. But that's not the reason Ford is locking the ECUs. Again, it has to do with SYNC 4. F-150s are the same, Bronco's are the same, this will be no different.
  19. Ecoboost Tuning

    The difference is not in the engine, but it has to do with SYNC 4. The new system is OTA based and has a lot of security due to that vs. the previous generation. Tuners will eventually be able to access it, but it will take time to do it safely without messing up the entire system.