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  1. Battery Tender?

    Glad to hear that my battery appears to be in good shape. Do you remember how much per gallon you paid? For some reason the premium gas around me (in Michigan) is normally at least $1.00 more than regular 87. It only used to be around a .20 upcharge for premium around me before COVID,etc.
  2. Battery Tender?

    The 13.5V reading was with the car running. I just checked and the NOCO has moved onto the 2nd red block so as least I know it's working and it must be charging the battery. My fuel light came on and chimed and alerted me when it said I had 50 miles until empty. I'm going to fill it up with...
  3. Battery Tender?

    Yup started at the first right light on mine and I'll keep an eye on it and hopefully it goes up. Do you remember what the voltage was on your battery before you started charging it? Mine was 13.5 but I know it was lower than that a few days ago when I checked it. Knock on wood no issues so far...
  4. Battery Tender?

    Well I just put it on the charger a few minutes ago so we'll see what happens. When I pulled my car in the garage it said my battery was at 13.5V which I think is good? No harm in making sure she's fully charged plus I can make sure the new NOCO I bought is working, lol.
  5. Battery Tender?

    I have let it sit for a couple days without driving it on a few occasions but not bad I guess. Does the NOCO tell you the % charged when you first hook it up? I'll going for a little drive in a bit and I'll check my battery voltage before I put it on the charger.
  6. Battery Tender?

    Just saw your post after I was typing out a reply to @DCS. Thanks for the idiot proof instructions to both of you:)
  7. Battery Tender?

    Thanks for the info. Any issue with leaving the hood open for a couple days if that's how long it takes to charge? I don't recall there being any sort of light that comes on when the hood is up? I guess I'll have to figure out if the charger is working once it's hooked up Hopefully I don't get...
  8. Battery Tender?

    I just bought the NOCO 5A unit and I plan to try it out this week (hopefully I don't get a dud). Anyway I've never used one of these devices but I remember reading a post possibly by @DCS about how to hook it up without removing the battery cover (I think). Hopefully I can find that post or...
  9. Dealership woes - Am I expecting too much?

    Are you sure it's not the infamous A10 whine that many of us have. Here's a thread that talks more about it: https://www.mustang7g.com/forums/threads/whining-noise-from-engine.159613/ There are other threads floating around with videos of the A10 whine. Might be worth checking out and see if...
  10. Dealership woes - Am I expecting too much?

    Did they manage to fix the whining noise from the engine? Is yours an automatic or manual?
  11. Explain the 1,000 mi oil change to me

    Sounds logical to me. I picked up my GT a week ago yesterday and I'm still deciding what I'm going to do. Do you plan on using full synthetic? I think that's what I'm going to do unless someone tells me why I shouldn't:)
  12. Look what I found!

    Are only folks with DH's finding these on their cars? Anyone with a GT or a GT w/PP find them at all? I'm not seeing them (at least in the front) on my non PP GT.
  13. GT is here!

    Gorgeous looking car. My original color order was Iconic Silver but I ended up changing it to Atlas Blue which I'm very happy with as well. I've been driving a silver car for the last 9 years and my wife mentioned I should live a little and order something other than silver, lol.
  14. Options for protecting against stone chips on S650's

    Do you mind if I ask what it cost to PPF the entire car? I'm going to look into have certain areas done (like you mentioned) if the cost isn't too bad.
  15. Options for protecting against stone chips on S650's

    Appreciate the info. I'll have to get some quotes on what it was cost to PPF those areas your mentioned. May I ask what you paid to have those areas PPF'D?
  16. Options for protecting against stone chips on S650's

    Looking for options and opinions on protection against stone chips on a 24 Mustang GT. I know a lot of folks will PPF some, if not all of the car but I'm trying to keep the budget within reason here. Maybe having PPF done on certain high impact areas might be a cost effective option? If so...
  17. Interior door anti-scuff overlay?

    For some reason I link the wrong thing in my reply to you. This is the anti scratch stuff I saw at Weathertech but doesn't say how thick it is. The XPEL kit you posted says that stuff is 8mil thick. https://www.weathertech.com/ford/2024/mustang/scratch-protection/
  18. 12.0V resting - should I be concerned?

    I'm leaning towards ordering the NOCO Genius 5 also. Probably worth spending a few more dollars on the Genius 5 as I'm sure it charges faster than the Genius 1 or 2.
  19. 12.0V resting - should I be concerned?

    How long does it normally take to charge with the NOCO Genius 5?
  20. Interior door anti-scuff overlay?

    I see this scratch protection stuff from Weathertech but are you referring to something different coming soon? https://lmr.com/item/LRS-13208CF/ford-mustang-carbon-fiber-door-sill-plate-overlays-15-24