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  1. If s650 is the last gen of mustangs to have the v8, what will the following gens be?

    Bikes are not negative - yeah i get the bravado....me big engine! But some days you want a V8 rumble, other days you want a cycle - nothing better than peddling on a clear road on a sunny day! Mustang is going to go electric, regardless of the view of politicians, talking heads etc. The good...
  2. I got to drive a S650 for the first time recently.. I'm underwhelmed

    Much worse in the Uk/EU. Power for the GT is 440hp and for the Dark Horse only 446hp, with prices for the GT costing circa $75k + and for the Dark Horse $85k + (coverted from £). We also can't get the handling pack. Since 2015, ignoring the specials/Shelby's, I think the best value for money...
  3. European Pricing & Configurator Released for 2024 Mustang

    Well that’s not true, like a lot of the nonsense you post, and there’s a lot of it! You must spend most of your days on here. Example above , we were discussing the DH and you respond talking about the price of the GT, or completely miss the point being made on the handling pack. Anyway I was...
  4. European Pricing & Configurator Released for 2024 Mustang

    They may start discounting once they realise people aren’t going to pay £65k plus, for a car that, in manual transmission at least, is slower than previous years. Its a real shame that Ford couldn’t find a way to make the last V8 Mustang generation more desirable this side of the pond. Im happy...
  5. EU deliveries sooner than expected?

    You're one of the biggest whingers on the forum! Do we all need fall behind you then, with no critism allowed? Or are we allowed an honest discussion about the price of the Dark Horse?! I will say the Dark Horse external design is a vast improvment over the S550 2018 refresh, and looks way...
  6. EU deliveries sooner than expected?

    On paper at least the previous Yaris (and new Yaris) was slower than the S550 Mustang V8. Now the Dark Horse at £65k + in manual is slower. Okay I’ll compare the Dark Horse to a Yaris, BMW M2 and 4 litre GTS Cayman. Blaming it all on inflation is lame, inflation say CPI or RPI is a measure of...
  7. EU deliveries sooner than expected?

    The 2015 Mustang V8 was about £34k, the Mach 1 about £55k and the Dark Horse is going to be over £65k. Im just clarifying the facts. Blame it on inflation or whatever but if you think that’s good value then good for you. To think the new GR Yaris manual (released this year) is expected to have...
  8. EU deliveries sooner than expected?

    Glad we agree tht the DH is £10k more than the Mach 1 when released. Anyway, I'm sorry but this DH is the most expensive, and based on released stats, the slowest UK Mustang V8 in manual transmission. Torsen LSD or not. It seems that those who bought the 15-17 S550 GTs, definitely got the...
  9. EU deliveries sooner than expected?

    99% of people won't notice the difference with a Torsen LSD comapred to the LSD on S550. Again, additional cooling won't be noticeable to 99% of buyers. The first Mach 1s were just over £55k. They also had 454hp, compared to Dark Horse 446hp. The Mach 1s manuals had a 0-60 of 4.8, but...
  10. EU deliveries sooner than expected?

    Why is the quoted 0-60 time for manual Dark Horse so slow at 5.2 secs??! Is there a gear change required just at this point
  11. EU deliveries sooner than expected?

    Dark Horse. Priced exactly £10,000 more than the GT at £65,585, this model builds on that car’s basic powertrain package with a small increase in power to 446bhp and the same 540Nm of torque So about the same as a Mach 1, for £10k more.
  12. Dark Horse in Luxembourg [Europe]

    When the Mach 1 was released it was £55k RRP, im not sure what you are looking at as Ford does not sell the Mach 1 new anymore. The Dark Horse is expected to be around £65k, so there’s the £10k difference.
  13. Dark Horse in Luxembourg [Europe]

    So at £65k this Dark Horse is going to be £10k over the Mach 1 (but have same bhp?), and nearly twice the price of the original 2015 Mustang GTs! Am I missing something? Serious question, can this be justified other than just to say prices have increased/inflation? What will the Dark Horse bring...
  14. 2024 S650 Mustang Ecoboost in Germany

    If you had half a clue you’d realise that torque and hp are mathematically linked. To say that only torque and not hp determines acceleration is nonsense. Where are you getting 7hp from? The dark horse in US is 500hp, we are expected to be less than 450hp. As for the bitching, looking at your...
  15. 2024 S650 Mustang Ecoboost in Germany

    Go and buy a diesel pickup truck if you're so interested in torque
  16. 2024 S650 Mustang Ecoboost in Germany

    Give it a rest with your "be grateful" BS. We are getting a massively detuned car for an exorbitant price, if these numbers are correct, and apparently also won't be getting the handling pack.
  17. Exhaust Pop

    Yes, Elon agreed popping exhausts are the calling card of a moron.
  18. Exhaust Pop

    Sure, do you have Elon Musks email address?
  19. Exhaust Pop

    Exhaust popping is the calling card of a moron, and shouldn’t be on a Mustang. It’s something I would expect on something like a Audi hatchback with a 2 litre turbo, not a NA V8.