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  1. Dark Horse Handling Pack

    I'm curious about this. If the differences of the HP are largely wheels/tires, then I'd be inclined to forgo to the HP and install some parts from the HP later on (ie. camber plates). I think most people who end up tracking the car frequently are going to opt for a square wheel/tire setup anyways.
  2. Handling Pack-Mistake

    While stiffer springs and/or slightly lower ride height (and thus suspension travel) can negatively impact ride quality, I'm of the opinion that tire sidewall height and stiffness have a greater effect on ride quality.
  3. 2024 Dark Horse Mustang vs 2023 BMW M2 - Car and Driver Comparison Review

    https://g87.bimmerpost.com/forums/showthread.php?p=31073233#post31073233 Here's a thread that basically highlights this point.
  4. 2024 Dark Horse Mustang vs 2023 BMW M2 - Car and Driver Comparison Review

    It's not downforce. It's the tires - the Trofeo RS with 180 treadwear. And we're talking at a DH with the Handling Package, specifically. Given the same category of tire, the G87 M2 would be faster on any type of track. However, for those that track their cars frequently, the catastrophic...
  5. Service/Repair Manual?

    I think it's more common to see people pay the 1 time fee for the Helm, Inc. manual and just pay for 72 hour access to Motorcraft service when they need to update modules in their vehicle.
  6. Service/Repair Manual?

    I just think that means Ford/Helm are not ready to release it yet. It usually gets released towards the tail end of the year.
  7. Dark Horse poorly received??

    https://www.macmulkin.net/VehicleSearchResults?search=new&model=Corvette&trim=Stingray Coupe 1LT,Stingray Coupe 2LT MacMulking is advertising ~126 in stock and inbound C8 1LT and 2LT coupes with $3,500 to $4,000 off MSRP these days. Some of them have advertised prices in the $72k-75k range...
  8. Dark Horse poorly received??

    Really? Once you have the engine out of the vehicle, it takes a 1-3 hours of labor to remove and re-install most of these components. The exception is the intake manifold/throttle body because you have to remove that to secure the engine to the engine hoist. For a ~$4,000 price difference...
  9. Dark Horse poorly received??

    My understanding of long blocks vs. crate engines is you're more likely to use a crate engine if you're doing a custom build but if you're just replacing an engine in a vehicle, you're more likely to use a long block. Here are what are the main differences between a long block and crate engine...
  10. Dark Horse poorly received??

    I believe my comments were consistent with expecting it to be a bit more than $4k - maybe $6-8k. https://www.oemfordpart.com/oem-parts/ford-service-engine-assembly-ml3z6006j?c=Zz1lbmdpbmUmcz1lbmdpbmUmbD03Jm49QXNzZW1ibGllcyBQYWdlJmE9Zm9yZCZvPWYtMTUwJnk9MjAyMiZ0PXBsYXRpbnVtJmU9NS0wbC12OC1mbGV4...
  11. Dark Horse poorly received??

    I don't think these are the correct replacement crate engines for the 5.0 Coyote in the DH. The M-6007-A52XS has 9.5:1 compression ratio for supercharged applications (nominal) and I'm willing to be DH has much higher compression. The M-6007-A50SCB is a 5.2L V8 so it's also not a replacement...
  12. Dark Horse poorly received??

    Are you sure? https://www.oemfordpart.com/v-2021-ford-mustang--mach-1--5-0l-v8-gas/engine--engine https://www.oemfordpart.com/oem-parts/ford-long-block-jr3z6006c?c=Zz1lbmdpbmUmcz1lbmdpbmUmbD0xMiZuPUFzc2VtYmxpZXMgUGFnZSZhPWZvcmQmbz1tdXN0YW5nJnk9MjAyMSZ0PW1hY2gtMSZlPTUtMGwtdjgtZ2Fz I know I'm...
  13. Dark Horse poorly received??

    I'm in agreement with this. Cars that enthusiasts run at the track/HDPE are rarely stock. Most of the avid HPDE folks are going to use a tire that is better for endurance/lapping like a Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3 than a super-stick Trofeo RS tire that only lasts 1 weekend. They are also...
  14. Dark Horse poorly received??

    +1. In the minds of some/most, "performance" is straight line performance - aka "lesser skill" driving. Most race tracks won't even permit EVs anymore because they are unable to extinguish a battery fire in a reasonable period of time. Can you imagine someone's EV burning for 3+ hours and...
  15. Dark Horse poorly received??

    It appears that's the case, but I think this hasn't changed my opinion on the DH. I think it should be priced below a G87 M2. I think that part is debatable. +1. Equal tires, I think the G87 M2 is going to be the better performer. That being said, if you grenade the S58 out of warranty...
  16. Dark Horse poorly received??

    I would take the additional consumable cost of a heavier DH with HP (ie. tires, brakes, etc.) over the catastrophic repair costs of a G chassis BMW when you blow an engine, turbo, or transmission out of warranty.
  17. Dark Horse poorly received??

    Correct. If you plan on tracking the car, the HP is a must in my opinion. That’s why I compare it to the G87 M2 and C8 Z51.
  18. Dark Horse poorly received??

    I don’t view these options as a financial constraint. The Carbon package doesn’t offer any additional functionality - that’s why I wouldn’t buy it. By the same token, the HP and Recaros are significant improvements over the regular DH. I wouldn’t buy a DH without the HP and Recaros.
  19. Dark Horse poorly received??

    Corvette inventory is very different these days: https://www.cioccacorvette.com/new-inventory/index.htm https://www.macmulkin.net/new-corvette-inventory
  20. Dark Horse poorly received??

    The only way to get it to that price is to select the Carbon Package which is a waste of money IMO: https://g87.bimmerpost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1969278