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  1. gadgtfreek

    Will the S650 solve the tram lining?

    Eh, its tires man. My 2019 PP2 tramlined like hell with the wider PSS michelins and nitto's. The 21 gt with the 20" OEMs is nothing much to report. That being said, the PP2 was a much better driving car and felt like it was on rails.
  2. gadgtfreek

    Higher end halo models as daily drivers

    My 2019 pp2 was a DD, all day every day. I love this 2021 GT, but that PP2 was on rails and had magnaride. My S650 purchase in a few years will be one of these special models.
  3. gadgtfreek

    Will the 2024 Motor be a Gen 4 Coyote?

    Yeah, I had a JB4 on my accord 2.0 turbo. It's not terrible. Not as good as a tuner load IMO, but it still worked without issue.
  4. gadgtfreek

    2024 S650 Mustang V8 to Approach 500 Horsepower

    Eh. Wife has the SUV. I drive the 2021 GT 45 miles a day, at least 5 days a week. Exhaust is done, tuned, and exterior mods. Why? Because I love driving the car and it triggers people. Bought my first one at 42, and this one at 45. Soooo, whatevs... Guess what car the wife and stepdaughter want...
  5. gadgtfreek

    2024 S650 Mustang Steering Wheel

    It may be less about the side, vs I just dont like the buttons. I had an Edge ST for 4 months, and that layout was just easier to use. Ive been in an S550 for 2 years and still find myself looking down. I honestly use the audio buttons below the screen to jump songs and the actual volume knob.
  6. gadgtfreek

    2024 S650 Mustang Steering Wheel

    Id much prefer cruise and audio to be on right side, not left side...
  7. gadgtfreek

    chazcron weighs in... 7th gen 2023 Mustang S650 3D model & renderings in several colors!

    I kinda like that front end and hood. Little more tame than I would have liked, but I like the hood heat extractors.
  8. gadgtfreek

    Under hood of the "Bulge" Mustang mule revealed!

    Puts a crazy ass hood on the test car, and then says "we didn't expect the attention"...
  9. gadgtfreek

    New Pony Badge design?

    2010-current is the best IMO. The flat one looks like a Christian Bale Batman cut one he made for his Mustang friends.
  10. gadgtfreek

    Couple of S650 Mustang Prototype Seen @ Woodward

    Solid piece to allow heat extractors to vent?
  11. gadgtfreek

    2024 S650 Mustang V8 to Approach 500 Horsepower

    That power comes into play every day. Getting around slow cars on a 2-lane, playing ping pong back and forth between lanes to stagger around slow vehicles on a 4-lane. Hwy on-ramp. Nothing to do with top speed. IMO, the mustang is a lot safer than a 200-hp sedan with a fat ass in a moment of need.
  12. gadgtfreek

    Official: S650 Mustang Debuts September 14 at Detroit Auto Show 2022!

    That blue one sounds sooooo good. Ive checked my 2021 out with the resonator delete in tunnels, etc... and I go "its not there yet" lol. The wife is like its loud, I'm like nah, needs Roush axle back.
  13. gadgtfreek

    Leaked S650 images are probably not the final version! IMO

    As you should be, other than a "horse" and "GT".
  14. gadgtfreek

    Official: S650 Mustang Debuts September 14 at Detroit Auto Show 2022!

    I hope something happens with engines. I just got into a 9/21 build, with 9k miles on it (owner didn't have it long). I love the car, GT Prem, 10sp auto, 401A. And it's FAST. This works fine into my plans of grabbing another in 4 years or so. Super excited to see what the S650 brings.
  15. gadgtfreek

    S650 Mustang design / styling first-hand description 🕵🏻‍♂️

    I like it, because I like the Dodge look, but I don't want it on a Mustang. Make it look different.
  16. gadgtfreek

    What Should Come Standard Across All Mustangs Going Forward?

    And the trunk pop kit. Its great.
  17. gadgtfreek

    S650 is out there somewhere, isn't she?

    Yeah I think a 10spd change and magneride update could easily be expected.