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  1. MichaelKael

    Shift Knob Replacements

    My original didn’t seem to have any Loctite on, though it was quite sturdily screwed on and required more force than expected to remove it. I did have to put some for my replacement, as I couldn’t screw it strong enough AND be in the right position.
  2. MichaelKael

    Shift Knob Replacements

    It’s not necessarily my favorite, but it’s conception is smart, and I know that some people are willing to spend to get these
  3. MichaelKael

    Shift Knob Replacements

    Wait ! You removed the stock DH gear knob ?! 😳
  4. MichaelKael

    Shift Knob Replacements

    I just replaced mine yesterday; you have to put more strength than you think you’d have to, but less than it takes to damage anything lol Firmly secured, but no tools required 😉
  5. MichaelKael

    Demon eyes fitment?

    That would look amazing with that Saleen rear spoiler…. Said no one ever
  6. MichaelKael

    Color Poll

    Yellow splash #2 ?!?! Hmmm k 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. MichaelKael

    K&N Intake Kit for 2024+ Mustang GT now available

    Funny how people dissing things are also being dishonest… What is obviously guaranteed is a gain, in both HP and Torque. They can only estimate, because, let’s be honest, how many times even ONE car has had twice the same measurements on a dyno ?! Exactly. So they probably installed it on X...
  8. MichaelKael

    Where to buy performance parts from Canada? (Québec)

    Hey guys @KarKy @JAL Found that website completely by accident yesterday (they’re located in the GTA), prices are great, free delivery, and they deal with a lot suppliers. Super reactive to emails, ask them what you don’t see listed, they can probably get it for you. AND they also don’t charge...
  9. MichaelKael

    broken screen

    As an Optician, the screen which seems to be made of glass (not 100% sure, haven’t received mine yet), must have had some tensions/pressure if not inserted properly (or too big for it’s housing)… and anything could cause it to crack like this.
  10. MichaelKael

    RTR style side graphics alternative?

    I’d try a local sticker/wrapping place, I’m sure they can work something out for you for fairly cheap 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. MichaelKael

    Wrench + Jack

    Thanks ;) No air impact here, so I guess I’ll stick to the torque wrench then ? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. MichaelKael

    Wrench + Jack

    Stupid question maybe, but why never use a torque wrench ? Not even on wheels ?
  13. MichaelKael


    Hey, any picture of the look with 1.25 spacers ? Saw a few pics with 1’’ , but would like to see with 1.25’’. Any rubbing or hitting the panels on bumps ?!
  14. MichaelKael

    Delivery Day Finally

    Yeah, kinda crazy, but I had ordered it saying I wanted it for March, as delays were pretty crazy back then, so I guess it will be working out greatly 🤷🏻‍♂️😉
  15. MichaelKael

    Delivery Day Finally

    Cute, I ordered mine mid-August 2023, and it’s finally being shipped to my dealership ;) I’m gonna call mine Patience I think lol
  16. MichaelKael

    I got to drive a S650 for the first time recently.. I'm underwhelmed

    I had a base 3.7 V6 2015 that I decided to sell when we had our 2nd kid. Now they grew up and, I was ready to buy what is most likely going to be the last chance to a manual, V8 Mustang (funny to read people hoping for a Gen 8 to be another similar vehicle, with and ICE…). While I considered...
  17. MichaelKael

    I got to drive a S650 for the first time recently.. I'm underwhelmed

    Man you killed me here 🤣 People are saying the Mustang is not as good as a Porsche GT3, while they wouldn’t be able to afford an oil change or replacing a dented wheel on it… 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
  18. MichaelKael

    I got to drive a S650 for the first time recently.. I'm underwhelmed

    You need to save up. Like a lot. Then go buy an Audi.
  19. MichaelKael

    I got to drive a S650 for the first time recently.. I'm underwhelmed

    So…. Because it performs pretty much the same as a 2015, it should sell for the exact same price ?? We need to remain realistic here, every prices have gone up unfortunately, so there’s that. At the end of the day, what better car can you buy for the price of a Mustang. I’ll wait
  20. MichaelKael

    Thoughts on Paint Protection - Wrap, Ceramic, Teflon,...

    I mean, 10mm being a bit more than 3/8 of an inch, there are 3 options : 1 - Your car is covered in the thickest layer of PPF EVER 2 - You didn’t remember right cause you aren’t familiar with the metric system 3 - He BS’d you i really hope it’s #2 lol Good investment and glad you like the...