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  1. JWS

    2024 Atlas Blue Mustang GT On SVE SP2 Wheels

    Do you have an illustration showing the cross section and the face, with dimensions? Also, can you tell me what the clearance is between the Back of the spokes and the top of the calipers on the front and back wheels? Thanks!
  2. JWS

    2024 S650 Mustang GT/Dark Horse Gen 4 Coyote Intake Manifold with Dual Throttle Bodies - Overview

    Yes, compare with a GT350 and also get some close-up photos of the Water Connection behind the Driver’s Side Throttle Body. And while you’re at it, where the wire harness is split to connect to the Throttle Bodies. You Know . . . Everything!
  3. JWS

    Flat Rock plant down due to quality issues

    Yeah Dave, Over 77,000 Miles and Still Pouring Money Into It! https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/gt350-le-you-dont-see-this-every-day.79129/page-5 Page 7 has the Latest Mod. Plenty of Parts Still Sitting in the Garage. Some have been there for over 6 Years. Slow Progress! Was Expecting...
  4. JWS

    Flat Rock plant down due to quality issues

    Exactly! I have been complaining to friends and on 6G about this since the first S550s (which ironically had “Show Car” Placarded on the Hoods on the Production Line) started reaching Venues. When I first Saw the Car at a Show, I noticed some Alignment Problems, but thought, for sure, they’d...
  5. JWS

    Dark Horse Mustang Media First Ride Reviews

    Every DarkHorse Photo I’ve seen of the Rear Rotors Shows Single-Piece. I have not seen one with either 350 or 500 Two-Piece Rotors. Fronts are All Two-Piece 350? Rotors. GT500’s have the Larger Two-Piece Rotors that Require the 20 Inch Wheels. Handling Package DarkHorse Wheels are still 19...
  6. JWS

    TheSketchMonkey - Revised front end

    Let’s just go back to the “Original” that never really made it. Tweak the Headlights to Digital and you’re done!
  7. JWS

    2024 S650 Mustang rendered as a shooting brake

    From Ford Authority
  8. JWS

    Beautiful Race Red GT S650 Mustang at Auto Show

    I have a 2015 Mustang and a 2021 Escape. They’re Great 20 foot Cars! Any closer and you can see the Panel Misalignment all over the Cars. No Excuse! These are Now Computer Designed and Manufactured Cars. The S650 suffers from the Exact Same Problems as the S550 and Just about every new Ford...
  9. JWS

    S650 Mustang Sedan Renderings

    I’m all for the New - “Impalastang” Sort of a “Fusion” of an “Impala” and a “Mustang”!
  10. JWS

    REVan Interviews Ed Krenz, Mustang lead engineer, about 2024 Dark Horse Mustang

    Okay, Dark Horse has Dual 80mm Throttle Bodies. 52XS has Dual 65mm Throttle Bodies, although it does have a CobraJet Intake Manifold. It won’t have the 580 of the Aluminator and has smaller displacement, but If more Air Equates to more HP, then the Dark Horse should be able to, at least, have...
  11. JWS

    S650 on Social Media

    No . . . White Horse or Light Horse!
  12. JWS

    Silver 2024 Mustang GT S650 spotted

    It’s All About The Chrome! Not as an Investment, As There Is No Value In That, But As A Nice Daily Driver With All The Luxury Options And Performance Extras That Only Showed Up Later On The S550. If The Pony Package Was Really A Super Pony, I Would Have Gone With That. The Anniversary Edition...
  13. JWS

    Silver 2024 Mustang GT S650 spotted

    Spoiler Delete Looks Just Fine, Depending On Which Model You Buy! And Silver Has Always Been The Color Of Choice For Luxury . . . As Long As You Mix It With A Little Chrome! Want To See A 60th Anniversary Edition With Stainless Window Surround And Chrome Tail Light Bezel Trim! (And Maybe...
  14. JWS

    Silver 2024 Mustang GT S650 spotted

    Watching James Woods Video, To me, the Front Quarter View is 1st Gen Camaro. I like the Glass Roof and the Hatch is a Good Design. Really like the Front and Rear Lighting. Reminds me of the 60’s Concept Cars I saw at the Detroit & Chicago Auto Shows. Been Waiting for someone to finally go...
  15. JWS

    The new pictures from the Ford 2024 Mustang webpage

    I’m kind of Partial to the Cow Catcher Design!
  16. JWS

    777 Performance announces GT3 body kit for 2024+ Mustang S650

    Almost a Direct Copy of the Bumper Cover, Grille and Hood and a partial Front Fender from Zero to 60’s GTT. Meanwhile, Ford has done an almost Direct Copy of Zero to 60’s Rear Quarter Panel and Spoiler Lip! So, who’s copying who now?
  17. JWS

    Mustang Chief Engineer Confirms Locked ECU, making S650 tune more difficult

    They (Ford, or whomever, with a nod from the government) can Build it with a Poison Pill Embedded in the ECU/PCM/BCM that will check on the Status of your Software and Refuse to Enable Anything on your Car. It will Void Your Warranty and also Classify Your Vehicle as Unable to Meet Minimum US...
  18. JWS

    S650 Coyote V8: Differences in GT vs Dark Horse

    Thought I remember the Exhaust Manifolds changing. Or maybe it was something to do with the Godzilla Engine. Ford Performance will be offering the Factory Active Exhaust for 18+ Mustangs that came without it.