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  1. Ericc B

    S650 Mustang debuts this weekend in Aussie Supercars

    When Ford introduced the S650 they showed an animated video with various racing derivatives. One of them is bound to go racing in the Australian Supercars championship and this weekend it's on with the first race, the Newcastle 500. The first videos from the Practice sessions have been posted...
  2. Ericc B

    The new pictures from the Ford 2024 Mustang webpage

    I put some effort into fishing the best resolution versions of the pictures that are in Fords new 2024 webpage out of their webserver. https://www.ford.com/cars/mustang/2024/
  3. Ericc B

    777 Performance announces GT3 body kit for 2024+ Mustang S650

    Obviously just renders at this time, but these guys are likely pretty serious about it as they have their GT500 and Mach-1 bumper conversions already on the market and are taking pre-orders for a Mach-1 front bumper conversion for the 2015-17. This is their marketing blurp: "Introducing our...
  4. Ericc B

    The new dashboard is a big mistake IMO

    Okay, now that I got your attention, I think it's time to discuss the massive misstep that Ford has made with the S650 - which is the new dashboard. Personally I think it is atrocious. It has completely ruined one of the key elements that makes a Mustang interior a Mustang and makes it look...