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  1. Paddle Shifters for Non-HPP Ecoboost

    As we already know, the new EB does not come with paddle shifters unless you order the High Performance Package. Does anyone suppose it would be possible to swap out the steering wheel to one with paddles on, say, a 100A/101A similar to what people did with the S550? And would the L gear then...
  2. The Mid-Engined Mustang Might Still Exist

    I've been piecing together some bits of information on my own over the last few days, given it some thought, and reached two points that caused me to open this thread. First and foremost, massive rumors of something wild in development, from what I've seen over the years, usually have some...
  3. Real-life closeup look at Carbon Fiber wheel

    Scrolling through Instagram and I came across this. We might just have our first real-life photos of the CF rims. Me personally, I think this is a better preview than what Ford put out, but I'll still reserve my final opinion until I actually see them in person.
  4. Report: Next-Gen Shelby GT500 Mules (Coupe & Convertible) Have Begun Testing

    "Ford is currently running two mules – one coupe, and one convertible, both of which are lower to the ground and sport much wider tracks than any other S650 variant, including the current range-topper, the Dark Horse. These mules are equipped with quad exhaust tips, as well as carbon fiber...
  5. Custom Colors?

    Excuse me if this is in the wrong area, feel free to move if so. Title says it all, really. I'm admittedly underwhelmed by the color choices the S650 has to offer. The combination I was really set on was Eruption Green with the bronze accent package. Do you guys think Ford would let us custom...
  6. What Color Will Your S650 Be?

    Okay, funny Andrew T*te reference out of the way, if you're planning to order one what color scheme are you thinking? Personally I'm feeling an Atlas Blue with the broze accent pack, maybe some black stripes...