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  1. MikeyV

    I got to drive a S650 for the first time recently.. I'm underwhelmed

    "Whole new Generation" - c'mon now. It's no better than an S550 because it is an S550 - but heavier! :)
  2. MikeyV

    Mustang GT3 and GT4 Race Cars to Compete at Daytona

    Love this. I'm a roundy-round NASCAR guy - but this is the kind of stuff I love to see FORD do. Actual cars "made by" Ford. For decades with NASCAR you have to just accept that there's nothing factory about them apart from Ford's money. It's great to see them do this. The Ford GT was cool...
  3. MikeyV

    So whats up with the manuals?

    It was a mistake to change the manual ratios like they did. I have a '14 and I really like how it's geared. It's got 3:31 rear. Having 5th be 1:1 is sweet. Only complaint would be that 6th is too far from 5th. It's a big jump down in rpms - right at the speeds you drive at on the freeway...
  4. MikeyV

    I dont think there will be a GT350...

    I'd love to NEVER see the Shelby name on a Mustang ever again. That's what I want.
  5. MikeyV

    How many Mustangs have you had? (a funny story)

    Lots of newbs - but welcome to the Stang Lyfe- better late than never. I've had a 65, 71, 71, 86, 92, 02, 14. All V8s. I have one '71 and the 2014 currently. I hope to get a 7G in a few years.
  6. MikeyV

    Vanity / custom license plate ideas?

    I'd skip it. Vanity plates are - aptly named. And 99% are lame as hell. BLUBYU?- c'mon man, LOL! Only one I liked in my time - years ago, last century - some guy had a primer grey 64 Impala and the license plate read UNF8ABL ( you get 7 letters in CA).
  7. MikeyV

    If you're not getting a Mustang now, what are you doing until then?

    Enjoy my 14 GT (so much left to give) and my 71 Mach. This being the last V8 offering..I'll get one at some point. Our last chance.
  8. MikeyV

    MT82-D4 manual transmission in 2024 Mustang - should I be worried?

    I have the MGW - worth every cent - plus the PITA install. It's actually not too bad on the 2014 - might be harder on a newer car with the suitcase resonator things. I can't wait to see these on teh road.
  9. MikeyV

    MT82-D4 manual transmission in 2024 Mustang - should I be worried?

    I've been happy with mine in a 2014 GT. Only issue I've had is a lumpy 1-2 shift when it's really cold out. But that's gone in 3-4 min. Shifts very nicely at high rpm, never experienced a lockout. It's pretty crispy and has a nice sporty feel. Mine does have the close ratio gears - where 5th...
  10. MikeyV

    2.3L S650 base convertible

    This. Ford REALLY phoned it in on this latest "generation". I like it, but it's the same thing from 2015. They even went back to the same side profile on the headlights. I was hoping for (way) more change.
  11. MikeyV

    Hmmm…wonder how this will play out?

    Humpfh!!- Katy Perry used it first
  12. MikeyV

    New AC Cobra = no S650 Cobra?

    Don't make it out of carbon fiber and don't put a goddamned V6 in it.
  13. MikeyV

    News and S650 Mustang pictures from Ford Frontline (Dealership Training Brochure)

    Yeah, I guess the "photo from teh center back seat" doesn't help. It's goofy though. FWIW, I like this "new" car - biggest letdown is how little it changed. The 480hp helped a bit. :)
  14. MikeyV

    News and S650 Mustang pictures from Ford Frontline (Dealership Training Brochure)

    I can't get over the twisted toggle rack and center vents - looks so lame. Looks crooked and doesn't help function much. I think that bugs me the most here.
  15. MikeyV

    S650 Validation Complete

    LOL. Validating what? The new tail lights? Shit's the same. C'mon man.
  16. MikeyV

    So, S650 is a coupe again!

    I feel like there cannot be "fastback" without "notchback" With only one hard roofline - I think coupe suffices. There no differentiation needed.
  17. MikeyV

    MEGAZILLA - Coming to S650?

    Certainly they would use a version of the 6.8 if they used it at all.
  18. MikeyV

    “All New” 2.3L I4 EcoBoost Engine Specs & Photos (S650 Mustang)

    We've all see the auto start stop button. Makes sense that they kill the manual on the Ecoboost - and enable auto start stop. The Ecoboost is already designed for this. The 5.0 has it too, I think - for the F150. But maybe they only enable it on Auto Equipped GTs.
  19. MikeyV

    🏴‍☠️ Mustang Dark Horse S and Dark Horse R Revealed!

    haha! Man, I knew you'd say that., and I know it's got a snake on it - But a Cobra is a Cobra and a Shelby is a Shelby. Cobra/Shelby is a stretch. A Shelby Cobra is/was not a Mustang. Thems is different shits. Semantics, I guess. But if it was called a Cobra and and snakes on it, nobody...
  20. MikeyV

    🏴‍☠️ Mustang Dark Horse S and Dark Horse R Revealed!

    Only one "Cobra" was supercharged. Are you too young to remember?