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  1. Dharri21

    S650 Shelby Super Snake Debuts, Featuring 830+HP!

    The 23 Super Snake started at $140K. These will probably start over $150K with the verts over $160K. I'll bet they sell all 250 before summer or within months of the start of order taking. These 2 cars are great looking. Love the logo and the side lettering. That convertible is awesome...
  2. Dharri21

    Owner’s Kit for Dark Horse

    The Track Attack School is one of the highlights of buying a new Dark Horse. I went to GT350 Track Attack and GT500 Track Attack and they were both incredible.
  3. Dharri21


    I am going to make a guess here about the next performance mustangs. Purely my own ideas and no inside knowledge, but as a collector. My personal opinion is that they will release a 60th anniversary "appearance package" with maybe a few optional addons like special wheels, graphics, badging...
  4. Dharri21

    Dark Horse vs Shelby

    There is a motor, the 7.3 Godzilla that has been tested in a GT350
  5. Dharri21

    DeSantis signs bill banning Direct-to-Consumer auto sales in FL

    X-plan pricing is usually not applicable on the cars with adm's i.e. Mach1, Dark Horse, etc.
  6. Dharri21

    2025 Paint Colors

    Iced Blue Silver
  7. Dharri21

    It was time to stripe the car

    The stripe is perfect. Well done.
  8. Dharri21

    2024 S650 Saleen 302 White Label Debuts November 16th

    I took this picture at Carlisle last year where there were a ton Saleen mustangs and they were super nice. My first was a 1989 Saleen and it was fantastic. I am definitely interested in the new release.
  9. Dharri21

    2024 Saleen Mustang picture from website

    I saw this picture on the Saleen website a month or so ago and I emailed them with no response. I cannot find any information about this model anywhere. Does anyone else have any information?
  10. Dharri21

    What ever happened to the Ford "cracking down on" ADMs?

    In Florida and a few other states it is against the law for Ford to crack down on ADM's. There is nothing Ford can do to dealerships that charge ADM's and Ford cannot even retaliate. This article is one of many...
  11. Dharri21

    Bad taste

    Price protection is a Ford program. Under many of the state franchise laws dealers do not have to respect it. Under the rewrite of the Florida law that took effect this summer the dealer cannot interfere with the pricing to the customer and the manufacturer cannot retaliate in any way. The...
  12. Dharri21

    So whats up with the manuals?

    I think what you are saying used to be the thought process when buying an EV but now that performance models are coming out more people are buying for performance when available. Not many people buy a plaid to be green. The Prius is for the green crowd and now they have a performance variant. It...
  13. Dharri21

    So whats up with the manuals?

    Has anyone taken on one of the new Lucid’s yet?
  14. Dharri21

    DeSantis signs bill banning Direct-to-Consumer auto sales in FL

    The Florida law specifically bans manufacturers from telling dealers the price they can sell at and also bans all retaliation for ADM’s. This means Ford is powerless in Florida to punish a dealer for ADM’s. Ford also cannot withhold allocations for ADM issues.
  15. Dharri21

    So whats up with the manuals?

    My F150 lightning launches faster than any of my Shelby’s and with the speed limiter lifted it is definitely faster in takeoff and overall run in the 1/4 mile. Although the ev’s are heavier the flat torque curve and AWD make a huge difference. Energy consumption is higher than normal when...
  16. Dharri21

    POV Dark Horse Drive

    Nice video. Car sounds awesome.
  17. Dharri21

    Leaked! Mustang GTD (Mid-Engine?) Supercar Special Project - Debuts @ Monterey Car Week on 8/17!

    Does anyone know when the announcement is and where we might find a livestream?
  18. Dharri21

    No Dark Horse Track Attack Program :(

    I was at GT500 Track Attack first week of June and one of the instructors was talking about the Dark Horse and putting together a course on the drift brake. It may have been pure speculation. I remember this being an issue when the Mach 1 first came out. The FPRS guys may be sworn to secrecy...