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  1. Cancelled My Order

    I canceled mine too. Back in June. Ford did a horrible job with getting the 2024 out the door. Went and bought a 2023 off the lot.
  2. Ford has dropped the ball for customers who trusted in them

    And that's why I canceled mine after 4 months and purchased a 2023. Proven car, proven engine. I will wait to I see them at the dealers and test drive before I decide to re-order a 2024. Ford really screwed the pooch with the hype since September 2022 and couldn't deliver.
  3. Orders being chosen

    That's your opinion. I would of loved to have a S650, but after all the delays and problems with electrical, valves, and alignment, I decided to have a bird in hand that I know is proven and has no issues. I can always buy a S650 after all the issues are corrected.
  4. If you're not getting a Mustang now, what are you doing until then?

    I didn't like all the issues with the 2024, so I canceled the order and bought a 2023 GT Premium with more options and 3,200 bucks less than the 2024 after dealer and Ford Motor Co discounts. A lot different than my 2008 Shelby GT 500. I really like the car.
  5. Orders being chosen

    And that's why a canceled the order and purchased a 2023 with more options and less money.
  6. In production boys! As of 6/7 ordered 4/2.

    Called Ford again today. Ordered 4/1 and Ford couldn't tell me anything, So I called my dealer (Mahwah Ford) they couldn't tell me anything either, So I canceled the order. Dealer didn't give a crap. What ever happened to customer comes first? Good luck with your orders. I'm looking for a 2022...
  7. No Mustang Scheduling This Week (6/8/23)

    I orders A GT Premium with 401A option and stripes on 4/1. Still nothing from Ford. My order couldn't be any simpler. WTF.
  8. No Mustang Scheduling This Week (6/8/23)

  9. Can we get a “not yet scheduled” list going 😆

    I was told Ford releases build dates on Thursdays only. Can this be confirmed by anyone? Ordered Vapor Blue GT Premium on 4/1.
  10. No production scheduling update this week?

    Just a thought, do you think Ford would move your order back if you are paying cash? No money going to Ford Credit.
  11. Just spec'd a 2024 with same build as my 2020

    What inflation? The economy is in great shape. :cwl:
  12. 2024 Mustang Scheduling This Week (6/1/23) for Production Weeks 7/10-7/24

    No date for me yet. Ordered 4/1. GT Premium 401A. Can't figure this one out.
  13. GT with or without performance pack?

    I would have liked the PP, but at 65 years old, I won't be going to the track anytime soon. I would have liked the PP Rear Spoiler to have been an available option on the GT though. A bit disappointed it wasn't. Can't wait to get this car.
  14. Order tracking showing build week / production scheduled email

    I'm confused on how orders that were placed after mine, have production dates. Does anyone know how Ford determines how these orders are chosen? My order is simple GT Premium with 401A and stripes. Placed on 4/1. Are orders based on the size of the dealership? I'm located in North Jersey just...
  15. Convertible Production Scheduled!

    Order 4/1/2023 nothing yet.
  16. Can we get a “not yet scheduled” list going 😆

    Nothing here. 2 months in. Vapor Blue GT Premium.
  17. Official VAPOR BLUE Mustang S650 Thread

    I changed my order yesterday to Matt Black / Red Accent. It sucks that the web site does not show what the car will look like. I ordered black interior, but may have gone with grey if I could see it.
  18. Official VAPOR BLUE Mustang S650 Thread

    What is the opacity fade option then?