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  1. Schwerin

    Any updates on whats changed with the Performance Pack for S650?

    I'm hoping that many of the S550 parts are now just included and the S650 PP is more equal to the S550's PPL2.
  2. Schwerin

    S650's direct competition?

    With the Camaro dying and the Challenger going electric what's the direct competitor to the GT or DarkHorse now? Pricing its maybe the GR Supra and Nizan Z, but both of those are lower on power. Even though Aftermarket can bring them to similar levels easily. They feel more like adjacent...
  3. Schwerin

    I'm just waiting to see a Pony Package

    The GT and Dark Horse look to boi racer to me. Like a MAch1 banged a Civic Type-R. with those vents and the hood. The EcoBoost is actually a handsome looking car. Looking forward to hear about the power specs on the 2.3 and what a Pony Package would look like. Or a potential Hi-Po for it.