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Search results

  1. new Dark Horse being advertised 3K off sticker

    dang.....here we go .... New 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse w/ Security Package for sale in San Jose, CA 95136: Coupe Details - 697846563 - Autotrader
  2. S650 production ending in 2028 - according to new union contract

    S650 Ford Mustang Production Will End In 2028 (musclecarsandtrucks.com) saying could potentially share platform with next gen Mach E after that - could this really be the end?? :curse:
  3. People keep saying the 24 looks like a Camaro....but I mean look at this older Mustang...I think this looks way more like a Camaro

    I think the older Mustangs looked way more like a Camaro then the 24........ Used 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 for sale in Scottsdale, AZ 85260: Coupe Details - 698982653 - Autotrader
  4. Ford denied warranty for HPDE events over on S550 forums

    Just a warning to everyone here.....eveidently cars used on the track are considered "abused" (2) Ford Inspector for Warranty Repair-Update:Warranty Denied Claim Due to Off Road Racing | 2015+ S550 Mustang Forum (GT, EcoBoost, GT350, GT500, Bullitt, Mach 1) - Mustang6G.com
  5. Dyno: Post Break-In 2024 Dark Horse vs Mustang GT comparison by Steeda

    Well ... it made 3rwhp LESS after break in ... but made 13rwhp more then the GT Really good educational video DH put down 405rwhp S550 GT put down 377 MACH 1 put down 409 All 10A cars
  6. Dark Horse A10 vs GT350 Drag Race (Hennessey)

    Ducks from everything you are all going to throw at me : ) That being said- I want to see what a boosted DH A10 on a tire can do at the track
  7. Where does it say there is a 1000 mile break in period?

    I was curious as I have never seen this on Mustangs before- but I just read through the owners manual and I don't see any mention of a 1000 mile break in period ..... The only thing the owners manual refers to is tires .. BREAKING-IN You need to break in new tires for approximately 300 mi (480...
  8. American Muscle dyno run 397rwhp

    We dyno our 2024 Mustang GT! Another Low Power S650? - YouTube 397rwhp
  9. So am I the only one that noticed 2024 Mustangs for Sale on AutoTrader.com?

    190 are listed nationwide....the ones I checked had VIN numbers......