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Search results

  1. First Look: S650 Mustang Prototype Spied With Production Body! 📸

    Any guesses as to when Ford will show actual pictures and release more info?
  2. S650 Mustang Production Starts March 2023 Claims Autoforecast Solutions

    Aye Yai Yai! I am talking with dealer now to order a 22 MY. Can I go another year without a car, or lose my shirt on trade next year when S650 released... Hmmm....
  3. X-Plan on New Mustang

    I thinks koons base price is cheaper than z plan but when you add in their 900 destination charge and 500 doc fee, it adds up to just a little more.
  4. X-Plan on New Mustang

    Anyone know where I can find a/z plan pricing for 18 gt, base auto?