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  1. Handling Pack-Mistake

    The springs are responsible for ~.25” of ride height difference. And this is comparing my PP1 to my PP2 with the PP2 sitting even lower as the 305/30R19 on the rear is stretched.
  2. Handling Pack-Mistake

    Just to be clear the Handling Package cars lower ride height is mostly based on shorter tires. Just like the Mach1 HP and GT PP2.
  3. Boost Gauge or Display

    With the ipad dash all it would take is enabling the display via tuning. I was just curious if Ford took this extra step.
  4. Boost Gauge or Display

    I was looking into a 24’ and was just curious as there isn’t any simple gauge swapping.
  5. Boost Gauge or Display

    Do any of the Ford/Whipple offerings enable a boost gauge?
  6. Ford Performance Supercharger kit for 2024 5.0L Mustang GT and Dark Horse!!!

    Anyone know if these tunes activate any kind of boost display?
  7. 2025 Mustang Special Editions?

    The handling package Mach1 should’ve been the Boss 302.
  8. Why did you get an Automatic over a 6 Speed?

    You have to go back pretty far to find an automatic that shifts slower than a decent manual driver. But even then the A10 isn’t faster because of how fast it shifts but rather gear ratios. A 18-current car (MT-82D4 & TR-3160) would be much quicker with ratios similar to those found in 11-17 cars.
  9. Pirelli tire observation

    The non-performance package cars have Continentals.
  10. Pirelli tire observation

    Took a peek at a few GT’s and noticed something odd. Apparently it’s a roll of the dice as to whether your performance package car is wearing PZeros or PZero PZ4 tires. Which begs the question(s)are they really allowing cars to leave on different tires, did Pirelli change the tread or is there...
  11. Am I too picky? ….so many flaws on new $70k cars!

    Where was the white one you looked at? Just wanna make sure it wasn't the one I was gonna drive 400 miles to look at.
  12. Spindles & Hubs GT versus MagneRide versus Dark Horse

    Has anyone determined if there are different spindle/hub variations like the S550 across the model line up?
  13. Car came with continentals

    I’m pretty sure it’s that your truck came with car tires.
  14. Suspension Differences GT vs Dark Horse vs Dark Horse Handling Package

    Is there a chart or has anyone compiled something showing the different sway bar combinations and spring rates yet?
  15. To the Road Course (Buttonwillow track) with the 2024 Mustang GT - Overheating and Clutch Issues Aplenty!

    Wonder if the clutch issue has anything to do with the newly added pressure damper/restrictor in the line.
  16. 4500 rpm limiter

    How do any of you not go over 4000rpm for a thousand miles?
  17. So whats up with the manuals?

    Back to the original topic the MT-82D4 & TR-3160 just don’t have numerically low enough gearing to match the 10R80 cars. Had the 2018 and newer cars carried over the ratios from 11-17 they’d be a whole different animal.
  18. 2024 Dark Horse Mustang Dyno Results (6-Speed Manual) - by Middleton Motorsports

    At the end of the day drivetrain loss isn't a percentage at all.
  19. 2024 Mustang S650 Active Exhaust Option (EXPLAINED + REVS)

    So what does the exhaust look like? Do they utilize the same type of resonator as the 15-23 or a crossover with individual resonators?