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  1. First 2024 Mustang orders being shipped to dealers now!

    Checked my tracker today still says in production but it was updated today, so I went to Ford chat and found out it has been “received” by the shipping company ETA 7/28-8/03! Admin edit: Here's a video of 2024 Mustangs being shipped / transported to dealers!
  2. Normal or Premium Gas

    Wanted to know what you all put in your Mustang GTs. I looked up the s550 owners manual and it said that it is designed for 87 but for optimal performance to use 91. Is it better to just go 91 all the time or maybe just use 91 when going to a track or doing other performance tests? What are the...
  3. Post your scheduled production build dates here!

    [Admin Edit] Please also share your build dates/VIN info in the Mustang7G Order Tracking Sheet! As everyone is getting their cars scheduled, I felt like having one place for everyone to post their dates would be a good idea at least until the admins create a spot for it on the forums lists...