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  1. papaD

    WeatherTech floor mats (or similar)

    these mats are DEFINATELY less slippery than weathertech. i have had weathertech in all my trucks since they first came out. i liked these so much, i swapped my wife's weathertech for a set of these for her car as well easier to remove while at the car wash as well... i will be getting a set...
  2. papaD

    About magneride

    In Canada, to get the Mag Ride ($2500 cdn) you must order PP ($7000 cdn) I could not justify the $9500 cost for a performance handling package on a Convertible. Even if I am a hard core track driver (in my own mind...)
  3. papaD

    Any going to add Cosmetic Rollbar for convertible?

    i have always like the look of the "roll bar"... with a big wing at the back, and ground effects however, now, at 60 years old, I now like the clean look with blade spoiler and no bar seems a bit out of date (no disrespect for those with the bar)
  4. papaD

    Thank You!

    I need help getting rid of the snow here in the Great White North! Thinking it will be a couple months before I can enjoy her...
  5. papaD

    Anyone else struggled deciding between EcoBoost and GT for daily driver?

    Get in, roll down the windows, start up the car and drive. Nothing sounds as nice a V8, especially the Coyote. Just sayin...
  6. papaD

    Strut Tower brace

    No brace installed on my convert 401A Lucky bastard! LOL
  7. papaD

    Weird burnt rubber smell on delivery

    I did have a smell after I picked up my car. The problem appeared to be associated with the right pedal coming into contact with the floor when the traffic lights turned green... sorry i couldn't help...
  8. papaD

    Post Your Aftermarket Wheel Set Up! | Vibe Motorsports

    Tucked away in the garage now, just need to wake sleeping beauty in March...
  9. papaD

    2024 Mustang GT California Special Package Revealed w/ Rave Blue Accent Styling, Wheels & Graphics

    I spent over a year looking for a used GT/CS convertible. couldn't find a fully loaded one for sale. When it came time to order a new 24, I was disappointed the CS was not an option. I really liked the "suede" seats, side scoops, different rear fascia and grille. Just something that stood out a...
  10. papaD

    Saleen has IP screens bezel cover

    Not even on my Ragtop with roof down and bright sunshine. No problem at all
  11. papaD

    New OLD SCHOOL wheels installed...

    Appreciate it! Thanks
  12. papaD

    New Sneakers

    Installed some new rims/tires. JUST IN TIME TO PARK THE CAR! LOL I am an old school guy, and like the look of 5 spoke rims on pony/muscle cars (no disrespect to those with new style rims) The OCD in me is always looking for wheels that are Easy To Clean...
  13. papaD

    New OLD SCHOOL wheels installed...

    Installed some new rims/tires. JUST IN TIME TO PARK THE CAR! LOL I am an old school guy, and like the look of 5 spoke rims on pony/muscle cars (no disrespect to those with new style rims) Always look for wheels that are Easy To Clean.
  14. papaD

    I died a litttle inside😁

    That's 'cause she took her top off!
  15. papaD

    Convertible Top - Catching Top Half of Seatbelt Housing

    No problem with mine... However, I will check later tonight to see how close it is.
  16. papaD

    Question for Canadian owners…

    yes, mine came with the 401A pkg...
  17. papaD

    Dark Horse Hood Graphis Removal?

    Personally, I don't understand why anyone would want to cover up that AMAZING PAINT COLOR with stickers...LOL especially if you pay extra for it.
  18. papaD

    Let’s post interior photos here!

    I had WHITE leather in my last vehicle. The key is Ceramic Coating for Leather. Had my space grey coated the day I picked it up...
  19. papaD

    Official OXFORD WHITE Mustang S650 Thread

    Figured I would bump this thread up a bit with a few pics...
  20. papaD

    "OK" button on wheel

    When you first start the car, the screen will ask HOW ARE YOU FEELING TODAY? You then decide if you would like to press the button, or not.