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  1. Darkness24

    What Exterior Color Did You Order?

    Blue Ember for my DH! Build in Signature.
  2. Darkness24

    s550 headers on a s650

    I know some guys on you tube say they picked up 30HP with the Kooks long tube headers without any tuning. I think that's pretty good HP gain not sure if they have deleted the resonator or not H pipe or X pipe.?
  3. Darkness24

    Parasitic Current Drain

    Exactly! Have my DH on a charger, so many electronics.
  4. Darkness24

    Suspected Shelby American S650 mule spotted testing

    Is that an air intake built into the headlight assembly? I think it looks good but need to see the whole thing not just small partial shots. Guess I'll make up my mind when they release full pics.
  5. Darkness24

    1/4 Mile Times

    Never cared for the S550 fusion look no matter how fast! The 24 is the better looking car JMO!
  6. Darkness24

    Any OTA updates yet?

    Yeah I remember when I bought my 2011 GT I thought there was a crapload of tech in it! HA HA! The 24 tech HOLY SHHHHHH!
  7. Darkness24

    Air diffuser

    Dealer did not install my strakes per the PDI either!
  8. Darkness24

    Center display.....

    Maybe the answer is in this YouTube video!????? Someone will have to watch it all LOL! 2024 Mustang Digital Infotainment Cluster: The COMPLETE Guide (youtube.com)
  9. Darkness24

    GT is here!

    I agree! That is a great looking build! Congrats @Knightro!
  10. Darkness24

    Dark Horse Roof decals

    When you order a DH in Blue Ember, it forces you into the appearance package which gives you a black painted roof. You of course get the vinyl hood decals & no paint or decals on the trunk. Truth be told I didn't care for how the painted stripes looked (design) besides the price tag!
  11. Darkness24

    Dark Horse vs Dark Horse Premium

    I'm sure there are many DH premium members here including me! Build in signature!
  12. Darkness24

    Try to use the USB by mirror

    That is frickin stupid if it doesn't shut down after turning the car off!
  13. Darkness24

    Thoughts? Airbrushed Hood Pad!

    Not minding that!!!!:like:
  14. Darkness24

    Thoughts? Airbrushed Hood Pad!

    Some people HUH! It'll look just fine at the shows parked next to my 11 GT with this on the hood pad! Which by the way has it's fair share of awards! Top 20 at CJ Pony Parts Show at the AACA museum! Just to name 1!!!
  15. Darkness24

    Lower Rocker Panel Side Stripes?

    Tried some PPF in the prone areas & hated the lines you get with the PPF. Just doesn't look right to me. Put on the ZL1 addons splash guards hoping they provide some protection. Might have checked the matte PPF box at purchase if it was offered at the time because this paint isn't the...
  16. Darkness24

    Thoughts? Airbrushed Hood Pad!

    Thanks for the constructive criticism! Not trying to sell anything this will be on my DH. Added a DH Badge (top right) & The DARK HORSE font (top left) in the final design. Haven't had the time to post the new version yet. When looking at it in person if you move left or right when looking at...
  17. Darkness24

    Front Fenders

    You are correct! GM also made a 302!
  18. Darkness24

    Lower Rocker Panel Side Stripes?

    So the lower rocker panels are subject to stone chips! Thinking the easy way to fix this issue is with some stripes. Anyone see or install any at this point? Did a quick google search & didn't find much as far as side stripes for the lower rocker area.
  19. Darkness24

    Finally got around to getting some nice pics

    Great Looking Stang! The S650's look so much better than the S550's! JMO!
  20. Darkness24

    Car and Driver Lightning Lap 2024 - Dark Horse Mustang Results

    I know that you know there are many variables that come into play at the track not just tires. 1 sec faster however sounds like conjecture at this point to me. The extra weight which is NOT much more than the s550 could easily be the extra intake & the active exhaust. If they are compared both...