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Search results

  1. Grabber_GT

    2024 Mustang RTR Upper Grille // Sneak Peek

    Do you guys have any authorized RTR dealers in Florida? More specifically on the east coast?
  2. Grabber_GT

    2024 Mustang RTR Upper Grille // Sneak Peek

    That is what interests me, much more than this grille lol.
  3. Grabber_GT

    Grabber Blue vs Vapor Blue Poll

    Grabber by a mile. Vapor has too much gray in it.
  4. Grabber_GT

    2024 Mustang RTR // Reveal Event // May 24th, 2023

    That's the garage next to Mango's correct? Doesn't that pack out with people going to eat/drink all night on I Drive? Are you guys getting a section closed off from public parking for this event?
  5. Grabber_GT

    First mod for your S650 will be... ?

    First, PPF, like day one. Then I'll go from there.
  6. Grabber_GT

    S650 Information from ECat (Electronic Catalog) – Part Numbers, Technical Specs, Hidden Features

    So I assume the USA gets the louder one, and the quieter one is for the EU?
  7. Grabber_GT

    2024 Steeda suspension parts on website

    Cool, I def will wanna lower mine a little....with a quality spring.
  8. Grabber_GT

    Automatic Transmission Issues?

    I've driven a few, no issues. The programing is not going to be like what you would get in a Cadillac with the same transmission in the normal modes. The Mustang has more aggressive shift strategies due to the kind of car it is. In sport mode, I thought it was great. Snappy shifts, but not...
  9. Grabber_GT

    Anyone in north/central FL getting a '24?

    Just curious...as I'm in the area.
  10. Grabber_GT

    2024 Build Website not working properly

    Your guess is as good as anyones lol...
  11. Grabber_GT

    0 to 60 and other performance numbers

    Yes, but sometimes they can be thrown off a little by various things like wheelspin. Not as accurate as an actual drag strip timer either, but still fun to use and pretty close.
  12. Grabber_GT

    0 to 60 and other performance numbers

    The current GT with the A10 is a 3.9/12.0 car all day on street tires. I would expect the new GT to run a 3.8 and a 11.8 or so on street tires. Possibly better...
  13. Grabber_GT

    Price increase already on 2024 Mustangs!

    Well with the manuals GG tax, that only makes the 10 speed like $595 more now...
  14. Grabber_GT

    Price increase already on 2024 Mustangs!

    I just built the same car on the online build and configure, and it was the same exact price as it was before. All they did was add on the destination charge to the starting MSRP... So looks like only the manuals went up $1000 for the GG tax.
  15. Grabber_GT

    Mustang Panel Alignment Problems

    Depends on the car. My Audi was made in Germany... My Volkswagen, in Mexico, and it had great panel gaps.
  16. Grabber_GT

    Mustang Panel Alignment Problems

    Honestly, it is pretty random. I have had some spot on (like a 2011 GT I had), and some that needed lots of tweaking. Believe it or not, my worst car was the Audi. EVERY panel was off...on a new car with 8 miles. Hoping my S650 is good, if not I will fix what I can if it's simple (as some gaps...
  17. Grabber_GT

    Mustang Panel Alignment Problems

    I hope the panel gaps are better than the S550. We are only seeing pre-productions cars so far, so I will not cast judgement yet. I am picky, three out of five of my last cars were all tweaked by the dealer to get the gaps where I wanted them. One I fixed the hood myself, and only one needed...
  18. Grabber_GT

    How to use Remote Rev in 2024 Mustang S650 & a Key History Lesson

    While the remote start is great, I doubt I will ever use this...
  19. Grabber_GT

    Grabber Blue Dark Horse Mustang S650 Best Real-Life Look Yet!

    Not sure what Ford was thinking with the racoon eyes. I honestly think the GT nose looks better. I do like the bigger exhaust tips on the DH though, and wonder if they can be retrofitted to a GT...