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  1. jmstang66

    2024 S650 Saleen 302 White Label Debuts November 16th

    outside of the cutoff headlights, the wing, and the over abundance of yellow pinstriping, I think it looks solid. Really want to see more of that dash and if it's just tacked on or flows...
  2. jmstang66

    FINALLY, It’s here!!!

    fantastic! honestly, I think ingot is the best color for the s650
  3. jmstang66

    RTR, Saleen, Roush, Shelby American....

    the RTR drew me in to actually liking the s650...it is gorgeous! Like you said, can't wait to see what the other aftermarket companies have in store.
  4. jmstang66

    2024 Mustang RTR Spec 2 (S650) Official Reveal

    well the trip was a bust. It was advertised being there 11am-1pm, we showed up around 1210-1215 and it was already gone. Thank goodness they had an orange Braptor that caught my sons atteniton, so he was happy
  5. jmstang66

    2024 Mustang RTR Spec 2 (S650) Official Reveal

    on my way to see this at Fort Mill Ford with my 3 year old son in my 2012 Mustang..can't wait to see it in person!
  6. jmstang66

    RTR Mustang S650 Spied Testing in the Wild

    lol lets hear the RTR exhaust, but first let me drown it out with my GT500...
  7. jmstang66

    Official YELLOW SPLASH Mustang S650 Thread

    hands down the best side by side of s550v1 and s550v3.
  8. jmstang66

    S650 Refresh: What You Want To See

    couldn't agree more. Outside of a little nip and tuck on the exterior, do this. I hate the interior and want nothing more than to have them reconfigure, but that's more so a pipe dream at this point so that part is what it is...
  9. jmstang66

    TheSketchMonkey - Revised front end

    his interior commentary is spot on, would love to see his take on it..
  10. jmstang66

    What are your thoughts on the interior of the S650? Specifically the screens

    Personally the interior just looks lazy. I can get over the whole s550 v 3.0 exterior vibe of the new car, but the interior is just awful. It looks like it could be in a Civic, or a Stinger, or any other car that has ipads tacked on the dash these days.
  11. jmstang66

    S650 Rear Styling Debate

    Even after seeing it in person, the rear is the worst part of this "new" design for me. It just doesn't flow with the rest of the car. I'm warming up to the front as time goes on and I stay off the forums lol. Overall it seems like we were all wanting a completely new design and not just s550...
  12. jmstang66

    S650 Mustang vs S550 Mustang side-by-side comparison pics thread

    I don't think the s650 vs s550 v2.0 does it much justice. Of course it looks completely changed...Now you put it beside s550 v1 and you see just how strikingly similar both cars are
  13. jmstang66

    Official RAPID RED Mustang S650 Thread

    YIKES..this angle doesn't do this car any justice..woof
  14. jmstang66

    Official GRABBER BLUE Mustang S650 Thread

    10000% Yes - I agree with you! This is the first real good side by side I've seen with a 15-17 and even after seeing it in person as well, it's still just s550 v3 to me
  15. jmstang66

    S650 GT @ Charlotte Auto Show

    same. me and the Camaro guy were the only 2 looking at it, everyone else just kept going right past it to the Roush's..
  16. jmstang66

    S650 GT @ Charlotte Auto Show

    hopefully he was wrong. I didn't have a cat in the fight on that so just passing along what was told to me.
  17. jmstang66

    S650 GT @ Charlotte Auto Show

    how dare you talk about stangmode like that! :cwl:
  18. jmstang66

    Official VAPOR BLUE Mustang S650 Thread

    Every year me and my buddies go out to the Charlotte Auto Show, so this year was no different. I was even more excited this year because the S650 would be there. I tried to hold my judgement of the car until I saw it in person, but it was hard. Especially since the car in the reveal and in all...