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Search results

  1. Blue Ember Dark Horse arrived!

    Yep, I’m 41 and my parents generation is probably the last generation where the majority learned to drive stick
  2. Blue Ember Dark Horse arrived!

    There is no requirement to learn stick here. Most states you get a learners permit at 15, drive with your parents in whatever cars they have and then at 16 go take the driving test and get your license. Some states require a drivers education class with some driving time with an instructor. My...
  3. GT Premium Wheels are Disgusting

    Here is the rim on the car in the build and price. Here is the shadow silver the build and price tool sucks
  4. GT Premium Wheels are Disgusting

    That is not the rim that you ordered, the build and price is awful. No matter which wheel you put in there it shows those rims. Those are the rims on the silver one sitting beside yours. One of the reasons I waited before ordering was because nothing changed expect for the color. If I can’t see...
  5. Official ATLAS BLUE Mustang S650 Thread

    I hadn't seem them before. Looks good, I may actually consider ordering those on mine
  6. Official ATLAS BLUE Mustang S650 Thread

    Not usually a fan of stripes, but I really like the stripes on that last one. Anyone know which those are?
  7. Real-life closeup look at Carbon Fiber wheel

    Personally not a fan. They look fugly, almost like they were designed for a hybrid or EV. And for the the price, no thanks.