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Search results

  1. Edson8r

    Rubbing after Steeda progressives

    Hey everyone, I want to know if anyone has had issues with rubbing on their S650 if you’ve installed the Steeda sport progressive springs? I’m only rubbing on the front driver side, and only noticed it because it rubbed off some of the PPF I had just put on this past weekend. I have SVE SP2’s on...
  2. Edson8r

    How long for alignment after spring install?

    Hello all, I wanted to clarify how long I need to wait to get an alignment on my 24 GT? I recently got the Steeda progressive springs installed and have driven it a bit already.
  3. Edson8r

    Pre-Collision Assist Not Available Warning

    Hey everyone. I want to know if those that have their 24 Mustangs are having issues with pre collision assist not available warnings? Mine comes and goes and doesn’t affect how it drives at all. Just annoying seeing it on my alerts on Ford pass. I will post a screenshot when I can. It seems to...