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  1. thelostone

    Any OTA updates yet?

    Just turn off automatic updates ..haven’t updated mine since September ..it asked to accept I always ignore
  2. thelostone

    What’s you Mileage?

    I have 11,000 miles ..getting about 21.5 MPG and all my fiber glass has left the resonater somehow ..now it sounds like a H-pipe .::noticed fiber glass strands on rear bumper for while ..not anymore lol
  3. thelostone

    Who has used the Valet parking feature?

    Look in the center console under the rubber mat ..the Mykey location is still printed in that location where u would place the mykey to have programmed ..but it’s pointless
  4. thelostone

    Reverse Light Bulb?

    They are if you know how to handle a soldering iron and some basic electronic know how
  5. thelostone


    I like cheese 🧀
  6. thelostone

    How many miles do you get on 1 set of tires?

    10k miles and about 6/32nd left on mine GT
  7. thelostone

    Does Engine Break-In Affect Horsepower?

    Engine break in is a back in the day thing thing ..cha cha cha 😋😋😋
  8. thelostone

    Apple Carplay is horrendous

    Mine disconnects at certain intersections when driving because they use a strong frequency for the traffic cams and traffic data and approaching emergency vehicles that interrupts my CarPlay ..google it ..it’s a real thing
  9. thelostone

    Mishimoto 2024+ Mustang GT Catch Can Kit R&D

    Had my first Older GT for 10 years regular oil changes ,premium gas and a bottle of Techron every 4k miles kept it like new drove it to 180k miles with no real maintenance issues besides battery ,starter and alternator issues talked with a Ford engineer about this subject at Ford Nats….he said...
  10. thelostone

    Oil life Monitoring Issue

    They replay in typical bot format …doubt they are even real
  11. thelostone

    How’s your gas mileage?

    Averaging 20 mpg @ 65 mph mostly @ 9,538 miles so far
  12. thelostone

    Complimentary Ford Pick Up & Delivery and Ford Mobile Service — Vehicle Service That Fits Your Life

    My ford dealership won’t do this because I’m 1/2 mile out the authorize zone ..crap ..after spending $60k lol
  13. thelostone

    Proper usage of the wireless charger

    The 12v socket makes it harder to charge my phone because it’s in the way when I put my phone on the wireless charger ..bad design
  14. thelostone

    First consumer RTR 2024

    The VIN & title still reads GT fastback not RTR edition ..
  15. thelostone

    10k miles update

    Two cans …advance auto sells them ..one can only treats 5 quarts you will need two ..they are 300 ML cans
  16. thelostone

    Anyone install RTR upper grille?

    My friend independently wired it to it’s own fuse and toggle switch .. tired of the waiting BS ..works perfect now
  17. thelostone

    Collision repairs

    Too many drinking that FOrD koolaid