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  1. jamespmoran

    New to The Dragstrip

    When I lived out east I ran a 90 Fox Body with a 408. Ran 9.90’s at 135 in the quarter. Learn how the car reacts, what rpm should I launch at, how shallow or deep should I stage the car, when should I leave the starting line to have a good reaction time without red lighting. I tuned on my Fox...
  2. jamespmoran

    GT Break in Procedure

    I kept RPM’s below 6,000 for 1st 1,000 miles. Changed oil at 1,097. Ford puts in a semi-synthetic at the factory, I changed to a full synthetic at the 1st oil change. I now have several black stripes on the driveway from testing the line lock, and testing various hole shot RPM’s. My drive is...
  3. jamespmoran

    Trade-In Value on Mustang Purchase

    I ordered my GT Convertible on 8/12. I had a 2020 Explorer ST. At the time we had 3 vehicles, and could get by until my GT was delivered. I told them if the trade was right they could have the vehicle upon signing the order. I was offered the KBB private party sale number. Signed the order, gave...
  4. jamespmoran

    Has Ford officially stopped producing the convertible boot inserts?

    You can order for the S-550, they fit.
  5. jamespmoran

    Less than 2 Months from Ordering Until Arrival

    Congratulations, twin of mine
  6. jamespmoran

    Latching the top closed takes 2 tries

    You need to work the top to get it to stretch. After a half dozen up and down mine is fine.
  7. jamespmoran

    Steeda H Pipe installed on 2024 Mustang GT -- Before & After Sound Clips

    Did mine yesterday, also took out carbon trap filters, and installed Steeda air filters
  8. jamespmoran

    What did you do to your S650 Mustang today?

    Last week had it ceramic coated, Monday pulled the carbon trap filter, and installed Steeda air filters, yesterday installed Steeda H pipe, goes in next week for window tint.
  9. jamespmoran

    Daily Driven...

    I drive mine on nice days. Is in a heated garage with a cover during winter. I have a MY22 F-150 as my daily, and my wife has a MY23 Subaru Outback as her daily. Sold MY20 Explorer ST, and MY04 Thunderbird to buy this car. After 5K discount on sticker, and selling the other 2 walked away with...
  10. jamespmoran

    Did you get a discount on your S650?

    5k GT Convertible. Sticker just under 60k.
  11. jamespmoran

    3.15 or 3.55 for my GT Daily Driver? 3.55 Worth the upcharge?

    I went with the 3.55 in my 24 convertible. Slightly heavier than the coupe. Wanted the better acceleration. Turns 2200rpm @ 79mph. I have my cruise set for +9.
  12. jamespmoran

    Engine Block Heater

    Thank you
  13. jamespmoran

    Engine Block Heater

    I ordered my GT Convertible with an engine block heater. The manual is absolutely no help as to the location of the plug. Any help is appreciated.
  14. jamespmoran

    Delivery complete in 3 months, she's here.

    Deliveries seem to be all over the place, I got mine 5 days shy of 3 months. 24GT Premium Convertible, 401a, 10sp, 3.55 rear gears, active exhaust, engine block heater. Ordered 8/12, delivered 11/7.
  15. jamespmoran

    How many Mustangs have you had? (a funny story)

    8, my favorite, a 1990 fox body drag car, ran 9.90’s @135 in the quarter
  16. jamespmoran

    Hunting for a Dark Horse….

    If you are still looking for a dark horse, my dealer, Eau Claire Ford in Eau Claire WI has one that was ordered, and the customer backed out. 715-852-1000, ask for Cordell.
  17. jamespmoran

    How many miles were on your car at delivery?

    I had 10 miles on mine.
  18. jamespmoran

    S650 orders in production

    I ordered on 8/12, took delivery on 11/9. I was never able to see my window sticker on the tracker. Once I was scheduled I got a copy from my dealer, and from ford direct.