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  1. mustangmike2176

    Dark Horse Canada Dealer Allocations - Next Round?

    When I bought my DH in March 2023, the dealer told me that all dealerships in Canada received one DH allocation for 2023. I have also learned that some dealerships even lost their "one." If this is true (I have no reason to doubt it, as I still don't have a VIN, and I was order #2 for the...
  2. mustangmike2176

    Canadian Allocations Pulled for 2024 S650s?

    Chatted with my dealer this week to see if I could get a VIN for my DH order (placed on March 6) and where I sat in the allocations. Still no VIN available, and he told me that I was at the top of their list (next in line.) He also told me that some dealerships in Canada LOST their allocations...