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  1. TripleSevenJeff

    Triple Seven. Black Friday Sale Starts Today!

    Our entire product catalog for products is 10% off with Free Shipping on our S650 and S550 Products! https://tripleseven-na.com/
  2. TripleSevenJeff

    NEW Product: S650 Wind Deflectors

    We noticed that in our S650 DH that we have extreme wind buffeting and that the Seatbelts will flop like crazy at about highway speeds and above. We created this piece that goes on your mirror mount that will deflect the air from entering the Cabin and defeating the wind buffeting! These are...
  3. TripleSevenJeff

    Mustang Motorsport Door Release Confirmed Fitment on S650

    Hey Guys! We just installed our Motorsport Door Releases on our Development Dark Horse and turns out everything is a direct fit! So all S650 owners are able to purchase and install it to their doors as well. We have every color in-stock and ready to ship...
  4. TripleSevenJeff

    *New Product* S650 Mustang Decklid Panel

    Triple Seven Releases its first S650 Product! We did not like the painted decklid at all so we came up with the solution that isn't crappy Wrap Material. You can order it in ABS Gloss Black, Gloss Carbon Fiber or Matte Carbon Fiber for you Dark Horse Owners that want to match the rest of your...
  5. TripleSevenJeff

    Triple Seven Dark Horse Hits the Dyno

    We are here at Palm Beach Dyno and we will finally get true WHP & WTQ numbers.
  6. TripleSevenJeff

    1st road trip in the 777 Dark Horse... any questions?

    Currently on a 9 hour trip back to 777HQ in our Dark Horse. Open to any Questions about the car as I make my way back.
  7. TripleSevenJeff

    Triple Seven Dark Horse Development Car Arrives!

    Hey Guys, Some of you know us as 777 Performance and some have seen our renders for our GT3 Kit that we plan on designing with this car. Our questions are before we go full send on the GT3 kit for our car. What parts are you wanting? What do you want to see with this car? Not only are we...